Bedroom Coffee Station Ideas – Perfect DIY Corner Bar!

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Want a luxury hotel room feel on a budget? Create a coffee station in a corner of your bedroom! Not only will this give your room a 5 star hotel feel, but you’ll love getting up in the morning with a tea or coffee station only a few steps away. Here are some simple DIY coffee station ideas for the bedroom so you can make your own little oasis.

I’m a huge coffee fan, and I’ve always wanted the luxury of having a hotel-like coffee bar in my bedroom. My bedroom’s not huge, however, so I had to get creative with my bedroom coffee station fantasty. Here’s how I turned a corner full of storage & junk in my primary bedroom into a cute little coffee bar that’s perfect for any small space!

Here’s how my bedroom corner looked before

This corner by our closet was a junk collector. I had some suitcases here, and an air purifier. Let’s make better use of this space that’s about 34 inches wide! First, I put the suitcases and air purifier into a more appropriate spot in our closet. Then, I used an inexpensive kitchen cart from Home Depot and some accessories to make the cutest coffee corner…

Watch my video to see how I made this bedroom coffee station from start to finish

Bedroom Coffee Station Corner Now

This affordable kitchen cart from Home Depot is a great base for this home coffee bar. It’s the perfect width – 30 inches – so it tucks nicely in my bedroom corner.

Even though this coffee station is small, it has enough storage and counter area to have all of my coffee-making essentials. Consider using a kitchen cart like this with wheels, a drawer and doors if you also have a small space for your coffee area. With all the storage, it’s the perfect solution!

What’s on my bedroom coffee station?

On the counter, I have my Nespresso coffee maker, my Nespresso milk frother, some coffee syrups and a mini fridge. This mini fridge from Amazon is just big enough to store a carton of oat milk or creamer for my coffee and it simply plugs into the wall.

The countertop space on this cart would also be big enough for a larger espresso machine and a couple more coffee accessories. If using an espresso machine here, I’d place a waterproof mat on the countertop first.

Using a Rail & Hooks for More Storage

On top of the cart, I installed this rail & hook system to take advantage of the wall space for more storage. It’s a great solution for hanging mugs, or you could even hang utensils or decor here to keep it up and off the countertop. You could install a couple of mug racks like this on your wall, however I just had room for one.

Alternatively, a floating shelf would be another good solution for extra storage over a small coffee bar with limited counter space.

Dollar Store Containers for Coffee Bar Storage

To organize the interior of my kitchen cart in a budget-friendly way, I used containers from the dollar store. Shallow desk organizers from Dollar Tree are perfect for storing coffee pods, and a bamboo cutlery tray from Dollarama is ideal for tea bags and spoons.

I also stored some coffee essentials and tea essentials in some dollar store bins on the shelves behind the doors of the cart. Because I have a rather large collection of coffee mugs, this area in the cart is the perfect spot for those, too!

Above my home coffee station, I kept our small TV. To make it more aesthetically pleasing, I stream some vintage art on it when I’m not watching my favourite show (more on how I do that later).

I’m so happy I was able to transform this useless bedroom corner into a DIY coffee bar! Now I can enjoy my cups of coffee from the comfort of my bed, with everything easily accessible to me only a few steps away. Even though I didn’t spend a ton of money on this little corner, it sure makes my bedroom feel more luxurious and I love the convenience.

Want more coffee bar design ideas?

I hope you enjoyed these coffee bar ideas for your bedroom and that they gave you some inspiration for your small space! If you create a small coffee station in your bedroom, make sure to share it on social media and tag me @thediymommy so I can cheer you on!

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