Decorate an Elegant White and Gold Christmas Tree: Ideas & Inspiration

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Are you looking for white and gold Christmas tree ideas? Today I’m sharing how I decorated my tree this year in sparkling neutral colours. It’s such a calming and elegant look, and it’s so easy to recreate! Get ready to sprinkle some festive glamour into your home!

I was craving a sense of “quiet luxury” with our Christmas decor this year, so I wanted to choose a neutral and calming color scheme. White, gold and green is always a winning & classic combination! This year’s tree is simple, but it feels luxurious and elegant. (My beautiful Christmas tree is from Costco and my tree skirt is from IKEA. Click here to see my favourite realistic artificial trees!) Here’s how I got this white and gold Christmas tree look.

Step 1: Eucalyptus, Sparkling Gold, and White Berry Picks

Let’s start by creating a lush and inviting base for your tree. Add a touch of nature with eucalyptus, and then infuse glamour with rose gold glitter and white berry sprays. Strategically place them throughout the tree to achieve a balanced and full look. This combination sets the foundation for a chic and sophisticated tree. I also love how picks with different leaves and berries add some natural looking texture and interest to the tree.

All of my picks are from Michaels a few years ago. If you invest in good greenery picks, you can use them year after year in both your tree and your mantel decor.

Step 2: Ribbon Magic – White, Gold, and Rose Gold

Now, let’s talk about the secret to achieving that perfect, flowy ribbon look. Follow my tree ribbon tutorial here to master the art of draping white, gold, and rose gold ribbons. You can tie them into bows, curl them, or drape them down the tree. My favourite is the cascading technique for a natural and romantic look. This technique not only adds depth and dimension but also creates a harmonious flow that ties the entire tree together.

My ribbon is from Michaels and Canadian Tire a few years ago. Wired ribbon can also be used year after year as a gorgeous and budget-friendly decor accent!

Step 3: Large Gold Ornaments for Depth and Sparkle

To create a show-stopping effect, hang large gold Christmas ornaments deep into the tree. This placement adds depth and sparkle that draws the eye. Think of these ornaments as the hidden surprise that add fullness to your Christmas tree.

You don’t have to splurge on these. Even large round ornaments from the dollar store will work! Elegant gold ornaments are a classic that can tie into many different holiday decor schemes.

Step 4: Medium-Sized Gold and White Ornaments

Moving towards the tips of the branches, decorate your tree with medium-sized gold metallic ornaments and white ornaments. This step adds balance to the overall design, creating a seamless transition from the bold statement pieces to the delicate details. It’s all about achieving a cohesive and visually pleasing composition.

Step 5: Texture and Shape – Snowflakes and More

Inject interest and personality into your tree by incorporating ornaments with unique textures and shapes. Place snowflake ornaments on the tips of the branches to mimic the gentle fall of snow. Mix in ornaments with different finishes and designs to create a visually dynamic and captivating display.

I found some adorable gingerbread cookie ornaments at Walmart this year, and added those to my branch tips too. You could even make DIY paper book page stars! Handmade ornaments are always a nice touch to any tree, and you can have fun ornament crafting day with your family or friends!

Step 6: Crown Your Creation – Rose Gold or Gold Star

Finally, finish your masterpiece with a simple tree topper. Choose a rose gold or gold star to complete the look. This not only adds a touch of elegance but also brings the entire design full circle. Your tree is now ready to enjoy!

Consider choosing gift wrap in shades of green, white and gold to tie into your tree. This year, I’m going to use some simple IKEA gift wrapping paper and add some rustic gold bells and gift tags with string.

Let me know what you think of this simple white and gold Christmas themed tree down in the comments below. I love how it turned out, and how it ties into our elegant & neutral Christmas living room decor this year. The greenery, candles, and simple white and gold colours work so well together. The overall look is very elegant and calming. It’s that quiet luxury feeling I was hoping for! (Check out how I hung my garland on my mantel here!) Happy Christmas Tree Decorating & I hope you enjoyed these white and gold Christmas tree ideas!

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