Crafty Christmas Cheer: 9 DIY Gift Ideas You Can Make with Your Cricut Machine

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Now’s a great time to start planning any DIY Cricut Christmas gift ideas that you might want to create this year for your family. Handmade gifts don’t have to be expensive or hard to make, especially if you have a Cricut machine. People love personalized details added to an already thoughtful gift! So, what is a good gift? Put on your Santa hat and customize all kinds of items for that special, unique touch this holiday season.

What Christmas Gifts Can You Make With a Cricut? 

I’m so glad you asked! The real question here is, what can you NOT make with a Cricut? Cricut decals are the perfect way to customize any number of gifts you can think of. They are a great way to add your own personal touch to an otherwise generic item. I’m going to share some of my favorite family Cricut Christmas gift ideas with you today! 

DIY Dollar Store Gift Basket Ideas with Personalized Details!

Baking themed gift basket filled with measuring cups, whisk, spatula cake mix, icing and a personalized red oven mitt.

I think a personalized gift basket with a curated group of items is a great way to show someone that you care, don’t you? In this post I’m sharing some ideas for gift basket themes and inexpensive items from the dollar store. You can include them to make each theme happen. And of course, I recommend personalizing some of the items with decals made with your Cricut!

If you don’t have a Cricut, you could personalize them in other ways. A paint marker or decal purchased on Etsy work great, for example. For my relaxation-themed gift basket, I personalized a mug that says “relax, chill out and unwind”. My baking basket included oven mitts with “watch me whip” on the front. Visit the post for instructions on these Cricut Christmas gift ideas for your family and more! 

DIY Floral Monogram Tumbler with Cricut

DIY floral monogramed pink tumbler  made using your Cricut machine will make a great Christmas gift.

Customized tumbles are all the rage right now, and they make a great gift for that someone special. I’m going to show you how to make a pretty DIY floral monogram tumbler with your Cricut maker! It’s perfect for the person who needs a reminder that spring and summer drinks and fun are right around the corner. This tropical themed tumbler features a layered vinyl design, and you can customize the colours to suit your gift recipient’s style. And of course, use the right letter for the monogram too! 

Make a Personalized Christmas Eve Box

Personalize this Christmas Eve box filled with PJ's, books, hot chocolate, mug and candy canes for each of your family members.

Are you wondering what you can make your family for a Christmas DIY? How about personalizing a Christmas Eve Box for your kids?  Giving a personalized box of simple gifts is a wonderful way to extend the magic of Christmas Day and create an exciting tradition for your family.

Many families give their children Christmas pajamas and treats on Christmas Eve, so packaging these things up in a cute gift box makes them seem extra special. To make this gift even more special, you can personalize it with the recipient’s name or monogram on the box itself and on some of the items too. Here is how I make personalized Christmas Eve boxes and a list of ideas that you can include in yours! 

Make a Unicorn Plush Pillow with the Cricut Explore Air

A little white DIY Unicorn Plush Pillow - covered in gold stars and has a rainbow mane.
A little white DIY Unicorn Plush Pillow - covered in gold stars and has a rainbow mane.

If you saw my daughter’s bedroom makeover, you might have caught a glimpse of her sparkly little unicorn pillows. I think they’re the cutest little plushies in the world, and I’m excited to say that I made them and I’m sharing the free tutorial and pattern today! Made using some simple sewing materials, a few tools, and of course a Cricut Explore Air, this adorable plush unicorn pillow is a fun DIY that makes for a cute kid’s bedroom decoration or a unique gift.

Make a Family Wall Calendar 

A large family wall calendar made using a Cricut Maker 3, black vinyl, and a large piece of acrylic.

As much as I love our family’s virtual calendar, I find that a large, physical calendar on the wall helps keep the whole family aware of our schedule, especially my younger daughters. I made ours with my Cricut Maker 3 so I could cut out long lengths of permanent black vinyl for this oversized calendar. I found the perfect calendar image right in Design Space, and used it to make a new project that was 36″ wide and 24″ high. Then I added a “to do” list beside the proper calendar as a place for notes and reminders. I then personalized it with “The Dennis Family” along the left-hand side.

I put the whole thing on a large piece of clear acrylic, drilled holes for hanging,  and couldn’t be happier with how lovely it looks hanging on the wall in our office space. Check out the full instructions for this organization hack and others right here. 

How to Make a Wood Sign with Cricut

A large wood sign made with a Cricut, stencil vinyl, paint and a distressing technique.

Learn how to make a wood Christmas sign with Cricut and a vinyl stencil in today’s video & step-by-step tutorial. These are easy and fun to make, and the options for stain and paint colours are endless.  All you need is a piece of plywood for your sign, lumber for the frame, your Cricut machine (I used my Explore Air 2), paint of your choice, and your own preferences for finishing techniques (I distressed my sign but you don’t have to!). You can use my tutorial to make a sign for holiday decor or whatever you wish. 

“Craftiness is Happiness” Craft Caddy with Cricut

A cute little galvanized craft caddy with a custom decal reading "craftiness is happiness' full of art supplies.

Do you have a problem with traveling art supplies in your home? My kids like to do crafts all over the house, and I’ve found that providing them with a way to carry stuff wherever they go means it all gets put away more often! If you’re looking for something to put under the Christmas tree for the craft lover in your life, why not make this cute little craft caddy using a custom decal courtesy of your Cricut machine? 

I used my Cricut Explore 3 cutting machine and two colours of permanent vinyl for this project. I chose white and teal, but you can choose your own favorites! The Cricut Design Space app makes this project so easy to do, and walks you through each step of the process.  Once my words were cut out of the vinyl, I used transfer tape to put them on the side of the little metal caddy I chose. You can use any container you wish, and you don’t even need to worry about a smooth surface! The transfer tape and vinyl stuck to this surface with a bit of a ridge with no problem at all. 

This caddy is so cute and Pinterest-worthy! Fill it full of fun craft supplies, cover it with gift wrapping, and put it under the tree as the perfect gift for the crafty person in your life.

How To Make A DIY Acrylic Keychain (Step By Step Instructions)

3 DIY personalized acrylic keychains in turquoise and red each with their own tassel. 

A DIY personalized acrylic keychain is on our list of perfect family Cricut Christmas gift ideas, or for any time of year really! And, using your Cricut is a great way to avoid using glue for this cute little craft. They’re super simple to make, and you can customize them with a monogram or other personalized design. You could even turn them into a personalized Christmas ornament. These keychains make great gifts for anyone on your list, and if you have lots of leftover vinyl scraps from larger Cricut projects this DIY is also a great way to use them up! I love a great gift that doesn’t require a big purchase, don’t you?

How to make Personalized Socks with a Cricut

A wicker basket filled with a pair of personalized socks reading "if you can read this bring me some coffee" coffee and a bottle of sprits.

If you’re wondering, “What can I make for my husband with my Cricut?” this season, why not go back to the basics? These personalized socks are so fun and easy to make, and you can create something completely unique as a gift for the man in your life (or anyone else too)! This is a great project for a beginner Cricut user, and it’s so affordable. All you need is: 

  • A pair of plain wool socks
  • Cricut machine (I used the Explore 3, but you could use the Explore 2, Cricut Joy or Maker)
  • Heat transfer vinyl in a colour that contrasts the socks (I used Smart Heat Transfer Vinyl in black)

This is a perfect stocking stuffer for the gent who likes to relax with warm feet, and it’s sure to bring a smile to his face when he opens them. And of course, socks are not the only items you can personalize with the instructions you will find here! You could also make a set of customized Christmas pillows or Christmas tea towels as the perfect Christmas hostess gift. Just use your imagination!

I hope this gave you some ideas for fun Cricut-made personal Christmas gifts you can make for your family as we near the Christmas countdown! Customized Cricut decals make for fun gifts that are really tailored to your recipient, and I hope you make your friends and family smile with at least one thing you learned here today! 

Merry Christmas everyone!

Looking for more Cricut DIY gift ideas, click right here!


Watch me whip themed gift basket filled with measuring cups, whisk, spatula cake mix, icing and a personalized red oven mitt.

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