Easter Basket for Teens: A Self-Care Themed Idea

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With Easter just around the corner, it is time to start thinking about Easter baskets! As our kids grow older, it can be challenging to find the perfect Easter basket for them. I’ve noticed how important nurturing self-care is for my teen daughter, especially during these times. This Easter, why not surprise your teen with a self-care themed Easter basket? Keep reading for some unique ideas (and how I made one for my daughter)!

Easter Basket for Teens - Self Care Themed Idea

Are teens too old for Easter baskets?!

How old is too old to get an Easter basket? In my opinion: NEVER! I love to surprise my girls with little gifts or fun family experiences every holiday, and Easter is no exception. My 13 year old is definitely NOT too old to get an Easter basket this year, so I put together a fun one for her. I found this adorable felt basket at Michaels, but here’s a way you could make your own upcycled basket. Here are some ideas on what you could put in a basket for your own teenager this season:

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Skincare and Beauty Products

Indulging in a good skincare routine can be extremely beneficial for teens’ self-esteem and confidence. You can incorporate skincare and beauty products like face masks, lip balms, and nail polishes to your teen’s Easter basket. Encourage them to take some ‘me time’ and pamper themselves. In my daughter’s basket, I added a cute face mask and some hand cream.

Note Books and Art Supplies

Teens often have a lot going on in their lives, and they can get easily overwhelmed. Note books and art supplies can be a great stress-reliever! Add some adult coloring books, a note book, markers, or a sketchbook to the Easter basket. Bonus points if you can find one with an Easter theme, or in colour/pattern that your child loves!

Yoga Mat or Workout Gear

Physical activity is essential for mental and physical health… for adults and kids. You can add a pretty yoga mat or fun workout gear to your teen’s Easter basket. Encourage them to take a break from their screens and engage in some physical activity this Spring! (And do it with them!)

Easter Basket for Teens - Self Care Themed Idea

Candles or Essential Oils

Calming scents are so powerful, and if your teen likes yummy-smelling items they may love the gift of a candle or essential oils! Add a Spring-scented candle to their basket, or even some essential oils for a diffuser they may have in their room.

A Good Book or Podcast

Reading books and listening to podcasts can be an excellent way for teens to expand their knowledge and perspective on life. A good book or podcast can be a great addition to an Easter basket for teens. To gift a podcast recommendation, add a list of favourite podcasts to a little notecard in the basket.

Chocolate and Candy

Of course, Easter-themed chocolates and candies are always a welcome addition to anyone’s basket – young or old! I always like to add my kids’ favourite ones to their gifts each Easter. My girl LOVES Lindt Lindor tuffles, so that’s what I put in her basket.

Easter Basket for Teens - Self Care Themed Idea

Easter is such a great opportunity to show your teen some love and care. By creating a self-care themed Easter basket, you can encourage your teen to take a break from their daily routine, and focus on their mental and physical well-being. Incorporating skincare and beauty products, coloring books, yoga mats, positive affirmations or journals, and books or podcasts can be great gift ideas. Even thought they’re getting older, I think an Easter basket is still a fun item to give to teens and it’ll make them feel extra special!


Easter Basket for Teens - Self Care Idea with suggested items to add


  1. My grand daughters are just hitting the teens at 12 and 10 they like to be called tweens. Although chocolate Easter bunnies are still good, I would have to provide a large one for the wow factor and I refuse. A teen basket like this is the perfect solution. Your basket is adorable as well.

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