How to Build a Beautiful Custom DIY Kitchen Hood Cover

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If you’ve ever dreamed of giving your kitchen a stylish makeover without breaking the bank, you’re in for a treat! Today, I’m sharing how Sean and I built a stunning DIY kitchen hood cover.

I love how this project turned out, and I’m super excited to guide you through the steps of creating a beautiful and budget-friendly kitchen hood cover that not only serves its practical purpose but also becomes a statement piece in your space. Let’s get started!

Step 1: Removing the Old Range Hood

First, we removed the old Euro style range hood over our stove, and then I gave the area a good cleaning.

Step 2: Cutting the MDF & Wood Pieces

Then, we cut some scrap pieces of 1/2 inch thick MDF and wood to create a frame for the range hood cover. We used scrap pieces of MDF and lumber to keep this DIY kitchen hood cover build budget friendly.

If you want to build a custom hood cover too, your measurements will be unique. For ours, I wanted the cover to be 3 feet tall, 30 inches deep, and span the entire width of the space between our two upper cabinets (about 49 inches wide). We cut pieces of 1×4 lumber and 1/2″ thick MDF to match these measurements.

Step 3: Creating the Range Hood Cover Frame

Next, Sean mounted a couple of pieces of MDF to the sides of the upper cabinets on either side of the range hood area. Then, he took the scrap 1×4 that we cut, leveled it, and attached it to both of the MDF pieces with some wood screws.

A couple of MDF rectangles were installed on the bottom of the frame to cover the areas on either side of the range hood insert.

Step 4: Installing the Range Hood Insert

Then, we installed a range hood insert. We were sent this gorgeous, high quality insert from Victory Range Hoods (they sponsored my related YouTube video, here). Sean attached it to the ducting and screwed it firmly onto the frame he built. I truly love it – the knobs are ultra heavy duty, and the fan is quiet.

Step 5: Closing Off the Hood Cover

After that, we closed the DIY kitchen hood cover with some more MDF pieces and wood screws. Sean then created a bump-out with more scraps of lumber and MDF. I wanted a mantel-like piece on the front bottom of the range hood cover so that I could decorate it and add some charm to our kitchen.

Step 6: Filling, Sanding & Priming

Next, I used wood filler and a battery operated sander to fill in all of the seams of the DIY kitchen hood cover and sand everything smooth.

I painted the whole cover with some kitchen & bath primer to make it water resistant and durable, and then I added some trim work to the hood.

Step 7: Adding Trim & Painting

Because I wanted the hood cover to echo the style of my shaker-style doors, I used some inexpensive MDF trim to frame out the main part of the hood. I used some scrap door stop trim to add some more detail around the bump-out section. After installing the trim, I caulked all of the seams with paintable caulk.

Then, I took one of my kitchen cabinet doors to Home Depot and had them colour match some paint to my current cabinets. I painted the entire range hood, and I love how it blends seamlessly into the kitchen.

Step 8: Finishing the Look with a Tipping Rail

To add more detail to the hood cover, I found this gorgeous brass tipping rail on Etsy. I aged it to make it less shiny and match my burnished brass knobs in the kitchen. The traditional look of tipping rails is stunning, and they’re a practical way to keep things from sliding off of shallow shelves!

Next, I installed the tipping rail onto the edge of the mantel portion of the hood cover with some small wood screws. Some vintage art, a thrifted cutting board, and a faux plant add texture and interest to the range hood shelf:

I’m absolutely in love with how this DIY kitchen hood cover turned out! I think it matches the existing style of our kitchen cabinets perfectly, and it adds such a high-end look to our space. I’m so happy we decided to do this project – what a difference it’s made in our home!

Our Kitchen Before:

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Our Kitchen After:

In addition to the DIY hood cover, I swapped out the hardware in our kitchen. I’ve always wanted to add warm brass hardware to our cupboards. We also swapped our butcher block counter to a marble-look countertop to the island. Some warm wood & black metal counter stools added the warmth that our kitchen needed. You can see all of these updates in my video, below!

Watch my kitchen update YouTube video to see how we made this DIY range hood cover:

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I hope you found this DIY range hood build inspiring, and happy DIYing!

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