Want some low maintenance flower garden ideas? Today I’m sharing a tour of our Canadian flower garden and my favorite easy-care perennial flowers!

Favorite Easy-Care Perennial Flower Ideas

Take a video tour of my easy-care perennial flower garden at summertime:

Featured Easy-Care Perennial Flowers in my Canadian (Zone 3) Garden: 

  1. Peonies – they take a while to establish, but they come back faithfully every year despite our cold winters. I have Alexander Fleming and Sarah Bernhardt peonies that bloom late June to early July.
  2. Morden Roses – these are hardy to Zone 2 and are gorgeous and full. They bloom abundantly from June to late September. I have the Morden Blush and Morden Belle varieties.
  3. Catmint – this perennial grows well here and is easy to divide when it gets larger. Its long purple stems contrast beautifully with my pink flowers.
  4. Irises – these are hardy and multiply quickly. They bloom in early June before the other flowers.
  5. Therese Bugnet Rose – a large shrub rose that grows quickly with bright pink blooms.
Favorite Easy-Care Perennial Flower Garden Ideas

Sarah Bernhardt Peonies, Catmint and Morden Blush roses from our Garden this year!

Now tell me: What are your favourite easy-care perennial flowers to grow?