10 Crafts to Make & Sell

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Looking for a bit of extra income this year? Or do you have a creative child that wants to earn some spending money? These 10 craft ideas are perfect to make and then sell for a profit!

10 Crafts to Make and Sell

Around the same time I started this blog, I also created a baby clothing and accessories brand called Golly Gee Baby. It was so fun to sew adorable baby items and sell them online and at trade shows. I loved having this little business as a way to make extra income for my family and nurture my creativity. The blog has since taken over that business, but I still think that selling handmade items is a wonderful way to make some money if you’re a creative individual that loves to make things.

Here are 10 of my favourite craft ideas to make and sell:

  1. Farmhouse Style Wooden Signs
  2. Rustic Faux Floral Wreaths
  3. Macrame Plant Hangers
  4. Fabric Bags and Wraps
  5. Upcycled Painted Furniture
  6. Graphic T-Shirts
  7. Natural Skincare
  8. Throw Pillows
  9. Soy Candles
  10. Knit Blankets

Farmhouse Style Wooden Signs

How to make a DIY rustic farmhouse wooden shiplap sign

People are still buying farmhouse inspired wooden signs for their homes, and there are so many ways to make and customize these. You can use all sorts of different sayings or images to make your signs, and the colours and material choices are endless. Learn how to make this shiplap style wooden sign right here, or I also have a tutorial for a 3D wooden sign here and a large wooden clock here.

Rustic Faux Floral Wreaths

Fall Floral Grapevine Wreath in Rose Gold and Copper

Rustic floral wreaths are a classic, and they’re so easy to make! If you can wield a glue gun, you can make a gorgeous grapevine wreath. You could make seasonal wreaths and sell them at craft fairs, or wreaths that last all year long! Get the tutorial for this Fall floral wreath here, or check out some DIY Christmas wreath options here.

Macrame Plant Hangers

How to make a DIY macrame plant hanger with a thrifted vase and faux succulents

Once you know a couple of basic macrame knots, creating macrame plant hangers is so easy! These are totally trending right now, and perfect for a boho or modern home. They’d be a great option for selling online since they’d be small and light to ship. Get my easy DIY macrame plant hanger tutorial here.

Fabric Bags & Wraps

Step-by-step and video tutorial on how to make beeswax wraps

More great items that would be perfect for an online store? Fabric bags and wraps! They’re lightweight and small, so easy to ship and simple to pack around. They’re also a good way to tap into an eco-friendly audience looking for reusable storage items for their home. Get my fabric snack back tutorial here and my easy DIY  beeswax wrap tutorial here.

Upcycled Painted Furniture

Budget nightstand makeovers

A fantastic way to create items on a budget and make some money is by flipping pieces of furniture you find at a thrift store or garage sale. A fresh coat of paint and new hardware will do wonders! You could also buy and sell furniture on your local buy-and-sell sites like Kijiji, Craigslist and Facebook. See the before & after of these thrifted, upcycled nightstands here.

Graphic T-Shirts

DIY Rainbow Dreamer TShirt with Cricut

If you have a cutting machine like a Cricut, creating custom graphic tees is so fun and easy! You could create a signature style, make quirky or thought-provoking sayings for your tshirts, or make personalized clothing and take custom orders. Get some inspiration from my rainbow tshirt tutorial with Cricut right here.

Natural Skincare

Essential Oil DIY Ideas

Creating skincare from essential oils is so relaxing and interesting, and natural products like this would be so fun to sell! Body butters, bath salts, facial cleansers, oil rollers – they’d all be perfect for selling online or at a craft fair. Get some of my recipes for essential oil DIYs here.

Throw Pillows

How to sew a DIY Tassel Pillow Cover

Wouldn’t a craft fair booth loaded up with all sorts of colours and textures of throw pillows be gorgeous?! Throw pillow covers are a cinch to make, and you could customize them to your heart’s content. Create a signature style (like these DIY tassel pillows), or make pillows in fabrics for all styles and personalities. Get my easy pillow cover tutorial here or my more advanced piped & zippered pillow cover tutorial right here.

Soy Candles

How to make beautiful scented soy candles for Fall

Not only are soy candles a beautiful decor item for almost any home, but they smell wonderful too! I’ve found them quite straight forward to make, and you can find my easy DIY tutorial for soy candles right here. There are so many variations for these, and they’d be easy to make in large batches.

Knit Blankets

How to make a DIY arm knit blanket with a fringe - video tutorial

Finally, there’s nothing quite like cuddling up with a chunky knit blanket, and I think making and selling them would be such a great idea (especially leading up to the Holidays)! You could make an arm knit blanket (find my arm knit blanket tutorial here), or crochet or knit something that’s a little smaller.

Watch my YouTube video to learn more about these 10 crafts to make and sell:

Now tell me: Have you ever sold handmade items? Which one of these do you think you’d try?


  1. I love this idea of making extra income by doing something by myself. I was thinking about renovating furniture but still didn’t make a decision. This post give me another chance to start doing it right now.

  2. Hi, Christina, I will try it to make Create a signature style (like these DIY tassel pillows) or make pillows in fabrics for all styles and personalities. Thank you for support us

  3. Some makers really prefer small local craft fairs, making each sale “one handshake at a time.” Sure, there’s more potential to reach a larger audience if you sell online or to large retailers, but that may not be your goal.

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