Stylish DIY Coffee Bar Ideas for Small Spaces

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Do you wish you had a stylish, dedicated space for all your coffee essentials? Let me show you how to make it happen! This space could be in your kitchen, dining room, or even in your bedroom. And, you don’t need to have a huge home to make this happen! Let me show you my DIY coffee bar ideas for small spaces so you can get your caffeine in whichever room you need it most.

Bedroom Coffee Station Inspiration 

If you’re like me, your morning coffee routine starts pretty shortly after you open your eyes. I just cannot get my day started without it! The good news is, you don’t even have to walk down to the kitchen to get it anymore. Creating your own coffee station right in your bedroom is now within reach! Check out these two ideas for bedroom coffee stations that will perfectly blend in with your space and decor. After all, you deserve a comfy, caffeine-rich start to your day as soon as you roll out of bed.

Bedroom Coffee Station Ideas – Perfect DIY Corner Bar!

Want a luxury hotel room feel on a budget? Why not create a coffee station in a corner of your bedroom? Not only will this give your room a 5-star hotel feel. You’ll also love getting up in the morning with a tea or coffee station only a few steps away. I know this because I put a small coffee station in my own bedroom.

The space wasn’t huge, so I had to get creative to make it happen. I turned a corner full of storage & junk into a cute little coffee bar that’s perfect for any small space! I’m sharing my simple DIY coffee station ideas for the bedroom so you can make your own little oasis. All you need is a kitchen cart with wheels, a drawer, and doors to provide a countertop and storage for your bedroom coffee nook. You will love waking up to all your coffee-making essentials right there beside your bed!

Copper Autumn Coffee Station

If you don’t have room to add a whole new piece of furniture to your bedroom in your quest for a bedside coffee shop, never fear! We have a Nicolet cabinet on either side of our bed, and they make excellent nightstands. The fact that they’re bigger and taller than your typical nightstand also makes them a great place for something like a coffee station. Maybe you have a dresser already in place that you could repurpose in the same way?

A tiered tray wooden stand for holding coffee supplies, my small Keurig machine that I spray painted in copper rose from our camper, and my vintage copper mugs & Moscow mule mugs were all I needed for this warm display. I added some fall home decor accents (faux pumpkins and foliage) to make this small coffee bar look like it belonged in my already-decorated-for-autumn bedroom, and I think the result is just perfect. 

A Spring Coffee Nook + My DIY Vanilla Latte Recipe

What’s the difference between a cute little coffee nook and a coffee maker just taking up counter space? The details! My coffee nook is between our kitchen and dining room. It’s a very small space taken up almost entirely by my Breville Barista Express. (Which I am in love with, by the way.)

A couple of vases full of seasonal florals and cute coffee and sugar canisters give this little space the vintage vibe that I love. I also have the walls around it painted with chalkboard paint. This means I can change the drawings to create a seasonal, inspirational, or just plain fun vibe whenever I want.  Making this small kitchen space look intentional really elevates what really is just my coffee maker on the counter to a home coffee bar. I’m also sharing my amazing recipe for DIY vanilla latte. Because what’s the point of a cute coffee area if I’m not using it to make incredible drinks?

How to make a coffee station at home with an Amazon bar cart

How to make a cozy coffee station at home with an Amazon bar cart

Don’t have a ton of room for a full-blown coffee station in your home? Try creating a cozy coffee station from a bar cart! It’s fun to decorate, easy to move, and won’t take up much space.  I started with a small, gold-coloured bar cart because I liked the size and the warm tone. Then, I added a coffee maker. This Breville Cafe Roma Espresso Machine is a nice choice because it brews a good espresso. It’s also smaller in size for a coffee cart station. Then I added trays and stands for height and storage. These pieces help make my coffee station display look interesting with the varied heights, and they’re also a good place to store things like coffee syrups, coffee cups, and decorations. I painted an old tray I had on hand and grabbed this simple mug stand from Amazon

And of course, I decorated! A coffee station is a fun opportunity to add some seasonal decor into your space in a smaller area. For my fall coffee station look, I added some faux greenery, faux autumn leaves, faux pumpkins, and a dried orange banner to the front of the bar cart. You can learn how to dry oranges for decor right here. You can also redecorate your bar cart coffee station seasonally, and move it from room to room as needed. It’s a great way to create a cozy corner that’s versatile and cute!

Fall Coffee Station + DIY Dollar Store Tray

Budget friendly Fall coffee station idea using dollar store items and a DIY dollar store tray

Till now, we’ve been talking about creating a dedicated coffee corner either using a cart, kitchen counter, or some other piece of furniture where coffee machines, coffee beans, coffee mugs, and coffee pods can live full time.  But what if you’re just interested in turning your sideboard or buffet into a temporary coffee station setup for a special occasion? You can still make your coffee area intentional and beautiful! All you need is a little DIY. 

When I saw this wooden “artist’s panel” at Dollarama, I knew flipping it upside down would make the perfect base for a DIY wooden tray. I stained it, added some peel & stick tiles to its base inside (also from Dollarama!) and cut up a leather belt from the thrift store to make handles that I screwed to each side of the tray. So easy and cute, right?

I styled the tray beside my espresso machine on my dining room sideboard, added some other budget-friendly elements (mugs and a pumpkin from the dollar store), and this sweet and easy fall coffee station was complete! You can move this tray anywhere, and of course you don’t need to use it for coffee.  But it was exactly what I needed to create this adorable temporary coffee station in my dining room. When company leaves, you can put everything away for next time and it’s like the coffee station never was!

Entertainment Unit to Coffee & Drink Bar | Our DIY Camper 2.0

Turn a dated camper entertainment unit into an RV Coffee Bar and Drink Station

Let’s finish up with something totally different: creating a coffee and drink bar in your RV! This must be the very definition of coffee bar ideas for small spaces. To solve the problem of how to make coffee access convenient when camping, I converted the dated entertainment unit of our DIY Camper 2.0 into a practical and cute coffee and drinks bar that the whole family can use. 

I had a lot of fun smashing up the original unit with a hammer. I removed all of the doors and most of the trim. Then, I moved a shelf and trim piece down to counter height to create a counter area. Next, I sanded, primed and painted all of the wood and laminate in the unit. I used Behr Whisper white for the interior, and Behr River mist for the exterior. (You can see my whole step-by-step camper cupboard painting process right here.)

Finally, I added some marble contact paper to the shelf and hung up a simple shelf using these brackets from Amazon painted in this gold spray paint. I hung the IKEA Fintorp rail (painted gold) for extra mugs, and added some large baskets to the space under the counter. These baskets hold more than just coffee supplies, they are hidden storage but no one needs to know that! I love how this coffee and drinks station gives our small RV camper so much more counter and storage space and provides an easy way to access all kinds of beverages during camping trips. 

Hopefully, I’ve convinced you that you don’t need a huge home to have a dedicated coffee bar space! I also hope you found some inspiration for making coffee easily accessible wherever you need it most, and I look forward to seeing your coffee bar DIY before and after pics in your tags @thediymommy!

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