25 Best New IKEA Finds in 2024

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Looking for affordable home decor and organization products? IKEA is one of my favourite places to shop, and here are my top product picks for 2024!

25 Best IKEA Finds in 2024

I’ve been designing rooms and styling homes since 2009, and IKEA stores are one of my go-to places to find affordable decor for everyday lives. I find they especially have fantastic solutions for small spaces, and they usually do a great job with design trends and classic pieces too!

A beautifully decorated room in IKEA’s showroom

Each year, I like to visit the IKEA showroom, take some photos and videos of my favourite new IKEA products, and share the product highlights here with you. I hope this list of my favourite new products at IKEA helps you as you shop for affordable decor for your own home!

See what’s new at IKEA in 2024:

MORABO Sofabed & BARSLOV Sofabed

The MORABO sofa bed is new, and this is great solution for a small space; I always love double-duty furniture when styling a smaller home

IKEA must be really focusing on sofabeds this year because here’s another one called the BARSLOV Sofabed and it has a versatile transitional shape that would work in most decor styles.


I LOVE this new SKOGSTA chair! It looks like an antique hoop back chair, and the wood tone is beautiful. It would be beautiful in a room with a warm minimalism style, or in a cottagecore style kitchen.

TISTORP Kitchen Door Fronts

In IKEA’s kitchen section, there’s a new door front style called the TISTORP. It’s a medium wood tone, very modern sleek shape, and features reeded glass doors. It’s not my personal style, but let me know if you like it!


IKEA’s RISATORP baskets are one of my favourite organizational items, and they have this new yellow colour that’s super bright and cheerful.

UPPDATERA Storage Bins

Their UPPDATERA storage bins are also a classic, and I’m loving this new blush pink shade they have. These would be great in my girls’ bathroom to store their skincare! IKEA also launched a black & green version of this classic storage bin.


This SAGESUND upholstered bed frame is new IKEA 2024 item, and it looks SO comfortable! The padded headboard is really plush looking, and I love the versatile white colour.

LOVA Bed Canopies

I think these LOVA bed canopies are a reboot from years ago, and they’d make an adorable addition to a child’s bedroom. I love this butterfly one!

VISPAD Mixing Bowls

Down in the Marketplace area, these VISPAD bowls are new, and such a great deal. I have some of IKEA’s mixing bowls at our vacation rentals and they’re fabulous!

NABBFISK Water Jug & KALLSINNIG Drinking Glasses

This NABBFISK water jug is new, and it looks like such a fun piece for summer entertaining outside. I love the modern playfulness of its sleek design.

These KALLSINNIG ribbed drinking glasses are gorgeous! They’re plastic, so their perfect for outdoor entertaining or the RV. I love the green!

They also have a stemmed wine glass version which is beautiful as well.

OMBONOAD Drinking Glasses

These OMBONAD smokey grey wine glasses are also gorgeous… I’m loving IKEA’s drinking glasses game this season. SO GOOD!

ANLEDNING Drinking Glasses

The ANLEDNING coupes and wine glasses in this beautiful light, soft brown tone are probably my favourite find at IKEA in 2024. They have a lovely shape and the colour is so versatile.

VARDAGEN Drinking Glasses

IKEA’s VARDAGEN drinking glasses have such a beautiful light teal colour, and they feel super high-end and durable.


The SILVERSIDA dishware is new, but I don’t know how I feel about this blue and white speckled design. What do you think? Let me know in the comments!

NATTFLYN Cushion Cover

I’m digging lots of the new throw pillow covers IKEA has this year. My favourite one? This beautiful NATTFLYN cover with cottagecore style florals. So cute!

DAMMANG Garbage Bin

In the storage section, this new DAMMANG garbabe bin is actually one of the prettiest trash cans I’ve seen! I love the sage green colour, the subtle ridging, and the lidded design.


This new VAXTHUS basket is also lovely with its handles and classic basket weave design.

HONSNAT Cable Management Box

IKEA also has this new & interesting cable management box that comes in two parts called the HONSNAT. This could be great for organizing your home office!

BORRBY Green Lanterns

In the garden section, these lanterns are a great price and would look beautiful on a patio.


This plaid SLIPRAR entry mat is also a great deal, and this plaid is such a classic pattern. Plaid is one of the motifs I’m seeing all over IKEA’s new products this year!

SMYCKA Faux Florals

IKEA never disappoints with their faux floral & greenery selection each season. I find most of the pieces in the SMYCKA faux floral collection lifelike, and a great value compared to other similarly sized florals. This year, they have some gorgeous faux hydrangeas, dogwood stems, and faux ferns that will add a beautiful touch to your decor.

GOKVALLA Collection

The GOKVALLA line is beautiful and interesting – I especially love this covered serving bowl and the three tiered tray.

AKERBAR Greenhouse

IKEA Has a new, larger AKERBAR greenhouse and this would be so fun to display on a porch or even inside in your living room by a window!

HELGEO Decorative Bar

This HELGEO decorative bar is such a fun idea; you could add real or faux greenery to decorate a table for entertaining. Let me know what you’d do with this in the comments below!

I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling seriously inspired to start redecorating. Which amazing new products IKEA has this year caught your eye? Let me know in the comments below!

More of IKEA’s Best Products

While the following products aren’t new this year at IKEA, I think they deserve honourable mentions because they are just that GOOD! They’re still all available at IKEA in 2024.


My favourite new line at IKEA last year is the TOLKNING collection. All of the pieces in this line are made of natural materials, and they have a handmade, boho flair that reminds me of the early ’70s.

The TOLKNING baskets shown above are my favourite of the collection. They fit perfectly under a bed, and they look so much more stylish than a plastic box! I bought a few and placed them under the bed at our Tiny Lake House for much-needed storage.

I also bought the ottoman and a couple other smaller baskets that I love.


These NORDKISA shelves aren’t that new, but I really love how they look with the vertical slats. I could see these acting as fabulous storage solutions in a midcentury modern style home.


Oversized plant pots are usually pricey, but the CHILIPEPPAR plant pot from IKEA is a great value. The large one is 19″ in diameter and has a concrete look. I added my faux olive tree to the pot with some moss around it, and it makes my tree look a lot more expensive than it was.

GRADVIS Plant Pots, Vases & Plant Mister

Textured glassware is hot this year, and the GRADVIS line of plant pots, vases and a little matching plant mister is right on the mark. I picked up the plant mister, and I love how it looks sitting on my mantel. This clear glass ribbed vase with the gold metal insert is another favourite of mine!

Happy IKEA shopping!


  1. It is very hard to find affordable decor in Canada. Its actually one of the reasons I DIY so much. Thank you for the choices in Ikea I especially love the faux flowers.

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