We built a small bathroom wet room from scratch!

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It’s here: the final room makeover in our Tiny Lake House! And this one’s not really a room makeover… it’s a room we built completely from scratch. Come see how we designed and built a small bathroom wet room in our little cabin!

Small Bathroom Wet Room

Last Spring, I introduced our latest project to you: the Tiny Lake House renovation! We’ve finished painting the exterior of the cabin and completely remodeling the front porch, and then we completed the small bedroom makeover. Next, we made over the tiny entry in the cabin and gave the wee kitchen a glorious makeover. Most recently, I shared with you the small living room makeover.

Now it’s time to share the last little space in this vacation rental renovation: the tiny little bathroom!

There never was a bathroom in this cabin. It had an outhouse instead:

If you’ve been following along with this renovation over the last few months, you’ll know we completely gutted the cabin and rearranged the layout so we could include a mechanical room and a bathroom.

Here’s the bathroom area DURING the renovation process:

My husband, Sean, ripped the whole cabin apart, moved walls around, and installed new wiring and plumbing. We also had the cabin spray foam insulated and installed a water a septic tank in the yard.

Because this Tiny Lake House is… well… tiny, the bathroom had to be small. We designed it to be only 5’6″ by 5’3″, and wanted to make it a fully waterproofed wet room with a sink, walk-in shower and toilet. It’s in a bit of a quirky spot off of the kitchen, but we added a pocket door to make it all work!

Small bathroom wet room mood board

I chose to use lots of white coloured elements to keep this small space feeling larger like white ceramic tile, a white shower curtain, and a white porcelain pedestal sink. To highlight the “modern vintage” style of this home, I chose black fixtures. For a little warmth, I added a small wooden stool, amber coloured soap bottles, wicker baskets, and striped towels.

Here’s how our modern vintage inspired small bathroom wet room turned out:

Even though it’s so small, this room took a long time to build. Each tiled wall took us one day, and Sean spent hours and hours creating a custom sloped floor. The resulting room is SO practical, though, and we’re very happy we spent the extra time to create this all-in-one wet room for us and our guests.

Walk-in corner shower

To make everything fit in this space, we created a walk-in corner shower in the bathroom. The whole floor slopes to this corner, and we added a corner shower curtain in case our guests would like to use it.

Small Bathroom Wet Room

Shower Niche

Wall niches are a great way to add storage into a smaller space, and we designed this shower niche to be the perfect size for shampoo, conditioner and soap.

Small Bathroom Wet Room

Small Sink Area

We used a pedestal sink so that it was waterproof, and I found a mirror with storage behind it that matched the black & white theme of this wet room. Wall hooks near the sink and wall shelves over the toilet offer even more storage in this little space.

Small Bathroom Wet Room

Watch my YouTube video to see the whole bathroom build from start to finish:

Tiny Lake House Bathroom Source List:

What do you think of this small bathroom wet room build? Let me know in the comments below and stay tuned for the final home tour & landscaping at the Tiny Lake House!

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  1. When you did the wet room did you put a lip at the door to prevent water from being able to get out?

  2. Love this simple design! Do you have shower water pooling past the shower curtain. Do you have any videos of the shower water running while the curtain is closed? We want to do a similar design but I worry that water will creep past the curtain.

  3. What did you do to the ceiling? What kind of door did you put on? I want to do this, but every designer I have tried to work with is discouraging me from doing so. The room does currently have two large wooden windows that need to be addressed if I go wet. Love your design. I lived in South Korea for a time and my bathroom was a wet room. That is where I got the idea.

  4. I absolutely LOVE this!! I am currently doing a shed conversion 14X32 and want to do this exact same thing for my bath. Thank you for sharing your idea!!

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