3 Ways to Make a DIY Storage Bench with IKEA Finds

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If you’re on the lookout for creative and budget-friendly ways to add both storage and seating to your home, you’re in for a treat. In this post, I’m sharing three fantastic DIY storage bench projects using affordable IKEA finds that will not only elevate your space but also keep it organized. Let’s get started!

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When you’re living in a smaller space, incorporating double-duty furniture into your home is ultra important. That’s why I love storage benches! Not only are they functional for seating, but you can store items in their doors, shelves or drawers. I love using budget-friendly IKEA items as a base for a DIY storage bench. IKEA has some fantastic products that incorporate drawers, nooks and drawers that are the perfect starting point for a storage bench for any room in your home. Here are my favourite IKEA hack bench DIYs!

Breakfast nook bench made with IKEA NORDLI modular units

1. Breakfast Nook Bliss: The IKEA NORDLI Corner Bench

My first DIY storage bench takes advantage of the flexibility of IKEA’s modular units using the IKEA NORDLI modular line. Perfect for creating a cozy breakfast nook, this bench is designed to fit seamlessly into a corner of your kitchen or dining area. I built this in my sister’s small kitchen so that they had a proper dining area. You could use a similar method to make a beautiful window seat with storage! Here’s how I did it:


  • IKEA NORDLI units: I used 3 one-drawer chests and 1 two-drawer chest for this breakfast nook bench design
  • Bonding primer
  • Paint
  • MDF or plywood sheets for the bench seat
  • MDF trim for a built-in look (I used casing)
  • Scrap MDF & baseboard to make custom nooks for additional storage
  • drill & screws
  • finishing nail gun
  • paint brush & roller
  • paintable caulking


  1. To begin, assemble the NORDLI units according to IKEA’s instructions.
  2. Next, apply bonding primer and paint to the drawer fronts to match your kitchen’s aesthetic. You can pre-paint the trim as well.
  3. Install the NORDLI units into your nook – I had to mount mine on some thin strips of MDF so that the drawers would slide on the uneven kitchen floor.
  4. Install some brackets and an MDF top for the bench seat.
  5. Install board & batten trim around the bench for a built-in effect. You can find my full DIY board & batten trim tutorial right here.
  6. If you want, incorporate custom nooks on each side for storing recipe books. I used scraps of MDF and some scraps of baseboard.
  7. Finally, caulk all the seams, and paint everything to match.
  8. Utilize the drawers for convenient storage of kitchen or dining supplies, or even for kids’ toys.

You can find my more in-depth tutorial for this IKEA NORDLI DIY storage bench for a breakfast nook right here.

Entry DIY storage bench made with IKEA HEMNES TV bench

2. Entryway Elegance: The IKEA HEMNES Hall Tree Bench

Next up, let’s transform an ordinary IKEA HEMNES TV Bench into a stylish entryway bench with hooks and a shelf. This DIY storage bench not only maximizes space but also adds a touch of charm to your entry area. This hall tree looking design is perfect for a mudroom or hallway that doesn’t have a closet.


  • IKEA HEMNES TV bench
  • Paint
  • Bead board paneling
  • MDF trim (I used baseboard)
  • Shelf and hooks for a hall tree effect
  • Finishing nail gun
  • Drill & wood screws
  • Wood glue


  1. Assemble the HEMNES TV bench as per IKEA’s instructions.
  2. Next, apply paint to match your desired color scheme.
  3. Then, place the TV bench in your entry. You can mount it to the wall, or leave it floating like I did for easy cleaning.
  4. Attach bead board paneling around the bench for added texture. I also added some baseboard trim around the bead board for more detail.
  5. Install a shelf on top of the paneling. I used some brackets from IKEA to mount the shelf with wood screws to the wall.
  6. Next, caulk all of the seams and paint the bead board paneling, trim, and shelf to match the bench.
  7. Finally, install hooks at the top of the beadboard paneling.
  8. Use the drawers for convenient shoe storage, and the hooks and shelves for coats and accessories.

You can find my more in-depth tutorial for this IKEA HEMNES TV stand for a hallway bench right here.

Dining storage bench made with IKEA fridge cabinets

3. Dining Delight: The IKEA Kitchen Cabinet Bench

Last but certainly not least, let’s turn IKEA over-the-fridge kitchen cabinets into a stylish dining bench. Perfect for both storage and seating, this DIY project is one of my favourites. We’ve been using this bench for 5 years now and it’s held up wonderfully.


  • IKEA over-the-fridge kitchen cabinets (choose 1 or 2 units in a width that best suits your space; I used two 36″ wide cabinets for my bench)
  • 2x4s for the base frame
  • Baseboard
  • Board & batten trim for a polished look
  • Foam and durable fabric for a custom seat cushion
  • Drill & wood screws
  • Finishing nail gun
  • Paintable caulking
  • Optional: a sheet of plywood for extra support


  1. Build a sturdy frame using 2x4s for the bottom of the bench. It should be the same depth and width as your kitchen cabinet(s).
  2. Mount the kitchen cabinets onto the base frame with wood screws. Apply baseboard to the front of the wood base frame to finish it off.
  3. Apply board & batten trim around the bench for a finishing touch. This will make your cabinets look like a built-in bench, and you can find my full DIY board & batten trim tutorial right here.
  4. Create a custom seat cushion for your DIY storage bench using foam and durable fabric. Alternatively, you can purchase seat cushions that fit on top of the bench.
  5. Enjoy ample storage for kitchen or dining supplies within the bench.

You can find my more in-depth tutorial for transofrming IKEA fridge cabinets into a dining bench right here.

Our dining bench made with IKEA fridge cabinets

There you have it – three creative ways to craft your own DIY storage benches using IKEA finds. These projects not add function to your home but also allow you to add your personal style into your space through the power of paint and trim. I hope this post inspired you to tackle these projects and transform your space into a stylish haven of organization! Happy DIYing!

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