5 Best Post Holiday Decor Storage and Organization Finds

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Sadly, Christmas is over and it’s time to start thinking about putting away all of the Holiday decor. As much as I dread this task every year, I know if I spend a little bit of extra time organizing my Christmas decor that I’ll be so much happier when I take it out next Holiday season. Here are my favourite storage solutions to help make Holiday decor storage a breeze!

Christmas Ornament Storage Box

I love this ornament storage box because it has separate compartments to keep all of my glass ornaments safe. Plus, it has multiple layers so I can store Christmas ornaments of all kinds in the box. It has a zippered closure, and its cube shape makes it easy to store on almost any shelf. To keep your glass ornaments extra secure, you can even wrap them in a layer of tissue paper or bubble wrap before you pack them in this container. You can find this Christmas ornament storage container here.

Hard Container for Wreath Storage

For wreath storage, I usually lean my wreaths up against a wall in my storage space. However, I have this incredible looking wreath storage container on order and I can’t wait to try it! Its hard case will help protect any delicate wreaths, and will also prevent dust and debris from getting on my wreath. I think this is a much better option than the soft wreath storage bags. It also has great reviews!

Premium Christmas Tree Bag

Because this Christmas tree storage bag is lightweight but sturdy, it’s the ultimate way to store my artificial tree! I find keeping the boxes ends up being much too bulky and wasting far too much space in my storage room. Using these bags instead saves a lot of space, and makes the trees easier to transport. You can find my favourite Christmas tree storage bag here on Amazon.

Clear Organizing Bins

My personal favourite type of storage bins are the clear variety. That way, it’s easy to see what’s inside. I find this especially helpful for Holiday decor storage so that I can remember all of the ornaments and tabletop decor I have on hand. You can also go one step further and label them with your Cricut, or with printable labels. These Sterilite containers are some of my favourites. At 26.125 x 16.25 x 13.5 inches, they’re large enough to store seasonal items like garlands, greenery picks, plastic ornaments, tabletop decor and more. The reviews note that they have strong latches, which is something I find lacking in most large containers like this.

Organize your Holiday storage into categories and place each category in one bin. For example, I have my Christmas Village in one bin, my Christmas tabletop decor in another, my ribbon in another bin, my Christmas wrapping paper in another, Christmas lights in another etc.

Christmas Lights Storage Tip

If you don’t save the original Christmas light reels for storage, you can save your wrapping paper rolls! Cut them down to fit inside your storage totes. Use those to wrap your lights around, then place them into storage bins for easy access next year.

7 Simple & Practical Storage Room Organization Tips

Heavy Duty Storage Shelves

I talk about the benefits of utilizing vertical storage constantly, I know! But it’s even more valuable than ever in a storage room or a garage to store seasonal decor. You can save so much floor space by going up with your storage instead of out. I really like these plastic resin shelves from Home Depot Canada for their sturdiness and for how easy they are to assemble. They are lightweight but very strong, and can easily support anything I want to store on them.

You can see how I used these heavy duty shelves for my Holiday decor storage in this post about my storage room makeover.

Have you tried any of my favourite post Holiday decor storage items? Do you have any more you love and you’d recommend? Let me know in the comments below. Happy organizing (“next year You” will thank “this year You”)!

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