5 Reasons to Choose a Round Dining Table (+ Our Breakfast Nook Progress!)

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Our kitchen breakfast nook makeover is SO close to being done, and I simply can’t wait to share the final look with you! For now, I want to give you a rather large sneak peek of what it looks like at this point after a lot of work and some beautiful new furniture from The Brick. The star of the show in this space is the Trudell Round Dining Table, and it’s made me fall head over heels with having a round table in a dining space. What’s so great about round tables, you ask? Let me tell you!

Colorful Farmhouse Breakfast Nook

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1: Round Tables Are Kid-Friendly

I can’t tell you how many times my kids have bonked their heads on our rectangular kitchen table corners. Round tables have no corners!

Colorful Farmhouse Breakfast Nook

2: Round Tables Are Symmetrical

If you love the traditional look of symmetry in home decor (where both sides of an object look the same) like I do, you’ll love a round table because it looks the same from every angle. It’s a great shape to put in a bay window breakfast nook space like ours. I love how our new Trudell Table has a leaf that can be inserted in the center to create an oval shape if desired, too.

Colorful Farmhouse Breakfast Nook

3: Round Tables Promote Conversation

Because of their shape, everyone can see each other better seated at a round table so it’s easier to converse. It’s easier to pass food items and to see everyone. I love this aspect for our happy breakfast nook in the kitchen!

Colorful Farmhouse Breakfast Nook

4: Round Tables Are Great for a Small Space

Since round tables have no corners (which actually waste a bit of space!), they’re perfect to use in a smaller dining area. They’re easier for people to walk around to find their seat because of their smaller footprint and shape. Many have pedestal legs like our new table which also helps create a feeling of more space. And just look at this gorgeous pedestal on the Trudell Table – I love it!

Colorful Farmhouse Breakfast Nook

4: Round Tables Can Seat More People

Finally, because they lack corners, round tables can seat more people comfortably. I couldn’t believe that even though this table is smaller than our old kitchen table, it seats the same number of people. I think it’s so wonderful that our breakfast nook feels more spacious even though we can still fit lots of people at the table!

Colorful Farmhouse Breakfast Nook

We also got these lovely new farmhouse styled metal chairs in for our nook makeover – the Stovall Dining Chairs from The Brick. They’re also on the petite side which is great for fitting more people around our new table, and I love their modern farmhouse look. They’re easy to wipe down to clean, and I’m planning on making a DIY seat cushion for them to tie into our new breakfast nook.

I can’t wait to share you more of this space very soon!

Tell me: Do you prefer a rectangular or a round dining table? Why?


  1. I have a rectangular dining table. It is sufficient for us 4. But, I literally find the shortage of place when guests visit my home. I never thought that a round dining could offer so much space. I should consider round dining table πŸ™‚

  2. I was planning to buy a rectangular table but, you mentioned some drawbacks of using a rectangular table. This post alters my decision and now I am going for the roundtable.Importantly.this table may feel us more comfortable while having dinner or lunch.

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