Budget Friendly Indoor DIY Halloween Decorations

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Happy Halloween everyone! The spooky season is upon us, and I’m here to give you something a little bit different. Maybe you’re expecting outdoor Halloween decorations like front door wreaths and front porch decor. These are great for the trick-or-treaters in Halloween costumes that come to your door looking for a candy bowl! But instead, I decided to focus on the inside of the house where YOU can enjoy Halloween a little bit more.

Maybe you’re hosting a Halloween party and need some Halloween party decorations. Or maybe your kids are just really into the season. After all, indoor decor is not just for Christmas! So, put the jack-o-lantern out on the porch and spend a bit more time on DIY Halloween decorations indoors this year with these great ideas.

DIY Dollar Store Halloween Decor Ideas

Indoor diy Halloween decorations consisting of mantle decorated with mirror draped in black fabric, candles, crow and spiders

I think sometimes it’s easy to forget that the dollar store is a great place to find seasonal decor. Especially for a holiday like Halloween where you really only want decorations up for a few days! In this post, I’m going to give you a bunch of ideas for how you can use the dollar store to create beautiful Halloween vignettes and DIY projects.

I’m going to show you how to decorate a spooky mantel. Come see my fun ghost banner, spooky bug art, and other little items that I found exclusively at the dollar store. Crows, black cloth, letter board, spiders and lights…all of it perfectly spooky and affordable! My girls and I could not have been happier with how this mantel and living room decor turned out.  

Cricut Crafts for Halloween

It will not shock you that I LOVE using my Cricut to add some little Halloween touches to everyday items in my home. Whether you are looking to create custom accessories, gifts, or decals, let me help! There is nothing that black (or pink or orange) vinyl can’t do, as I think you will agree. While many of my Halloween decor ideas call for Cricut-made touches, these next two ideas are ALL about the Cricut crafting I love so much.

DIY Beer Can Glass for Fall & Halloween

Two beer can glasses decorated with little cricut cut outs of pink and orange pumpkins and pink and white ghosts. Perfect for your indoor diy Halloween decorations

If you’re looking for a fun Cricut Halloween craft, I’ve got you covered! All you need to make an adorable DIY beer can glass that’s perfect for fall & Halloween are glass cups from Amazon, a Cricut and some permanent vinyl. Beer can shaped glasses have been very popular lately, and I think they’re extra cute! I created some adorable pink, orange, and white pumpkin and ghost patterned beer can glasses for my girls (and myself) to enjoy and I thought you might like to see how you can do it too. So, I’m giving you all the instructions plus my Halloween Cups Design Space Project in Cricut Design Space to make it extra easy! These sweet and spooky cups are sure to make your family and guests smile this Halloween season.

DIY Halloween Ideas to Make With Your Cricut

Indoor DIY Halloween decorations with Cricut and Dollar Store decor Ideas including orange cups, napkins and a spooky candle

I love a little bit of spook and a whole lot of glam for my indoor Halloween DIY decorations. How about you? Do you like things scary and gory, or do you keep things a little lighter? If you’re like me, then you’re going to love this post filled with Cricut Halloween crafts that are on the lighter side. All you need is your Cricut and some inexpensive dollar store supplies. Then you can make any of these slightly spooky and oh-so-glam DIY decorations for Halloween! You can choose between DIY Spider Towels, “Trick” and “Treat” custom mugs, Spider Web Candles, and more! Or if you’re really in the mood for Halloween creations, you can just make them all. They are all simple, easy, and cute, and will bring a smile to your family’s faces. Who knew making indoor DIY Halloween decorations could be so much fun!

Spooky Glam Halloween Decor Ideas on a Budget

Diy Halloween decorations for indoors Spooky gothic glam Halloween Decor including black pumpkin and black roses on a table with candlesticks and a plaid table runner.

We don’t usually decorate too much for Halloween around here. But I wanted to show you a few things I do to make our house look “spooky, but not too spooky” for the season! All these ideas are easy, beautiful (yes, beautiful!), and affordable. And instead of the classic front door or mantel, I took up the challenge to create a beautiful Halloween-esque dining room.

I used some dollar store items and things I already had on hand to create the effect I wanted. On the table, I draped a DIY buffalo check table runner over a dollar store Halloween table cloth. For the centerpiece, I put some dollar store Halloween flowers and twigs from our yard in a black pumpkin bucket.  Thrifted & spray painted candlesticks from my fall tablescape and some dried oak leaves from my Thanksgiving tablescape complete the simple look. (You could also use black spray paint for the candlesticks if you wish!)

The sideboard features some more inexpensive faux Halloween foliage from the dollar store along with mini garden pumpkins, black lanterns I had in my stash, and twigs from our yard in vases. I made our mirror look deliciously spooky with an inexpensive net draped over it. I just love how this room turned out, and my girls do too!

Spooky Halloween Mantel – Harry Potter inspired!

Harry Potter inspired mantle decorated with a mirror draped in black fabric, spiders, candlesticks and some floating candles.

My daughters love the Harry Potter books and movies. So, I decided to take this love and use it as inspiration for a Halloween mantel theme. And, I did it on a budget! This mantel really made me “super mom” when the girls saw it. I was able to create a “banner” of spooky floating candles to really up the magical vibe of the room. (You could also use battery-powered tea lights for a similar effect.) I used my Structube Anthropologie dupe mirror as the centerpiece of my Halloween mantel. Draping a dollar store black cloth over the mirror as a kind of garland made it look just right, and my daughter added some dollar store spiders to the cloth (a hot glue gun is your friend for things like this).

To fill in the mantel on either side of the mirror, I shopped my home for Harry Potter inspired accessories. I found a gothic look lantern, some DIY dollar store bug + book page art, and some more candles. Then, an antique book stack, some old looking keys and some gold coloured candlesticks completed the look. I love how this spooky Halloween mantel turned out, and even better – my daughters loved it too! It was so simple to put together, and it didn’t cost me much at all. 

How To Make A Pretty Halloween Tablescape With Instructions

Halloween tablescape with a white pumpkin, gold pumpkin and candles on a decorated small black mirror. Plaid napkins and cricut cut out black butterflies and bats are stuck on the wall around a feature mirror.

Are you trying to find new ways to decorate tastefully for Halloween? How about a gorgeous Halloween Cottage Core, Glam tablescape? I decorated our breakfast nook with some Halloween accessories and some simple DIYs to get this look. Although, I confess it is not my favourite season to decorate for. I am not a fan of orange everything, skeletons, witches, witch hats, ghosts, and all that scary Halloween jazz. But I DO like crafts! I came up with some really cute ideas for our breakfast nook that satisfied my girls’ Halloween cravings and my love of neutral, simple spaces.

I used my Cricut Maker to create some butterfly decals using black vinyl for some really easy DIY Halloween decorations. For the table, I started with a white lace fabric tablecloth. Then I added some white textured charger plates for interest. Next I topped these with plain white plates and added some black and white plaid napkins and tea towels with spider decals that I already had. Then I crafted a beautiful mirror to use as the base of my centerpiece and added candles and pumpkins and used simple mason jars as glassware so they wouldn’t take the focus away from the rest of the table. I can’t wait for you to see all the details! 

Spooky Glam Halloween Dollar Store Wreath

Spooky Glam Halloween Dollar Store Wreath complete with spiders, black roses and a little black pumpkin.

I know I said this roundup was all about indoor DIY Halloween decorations, but I do still love Halloween wreaths and I couldn’t help but throw one wreath idea at you! So I give you this Spooky Glam Halloween Dollar Store Wreath. It’s spooky and Halloween-esque with its black spiders and Halloween ribbon, but it’s not gory or icky. It’s also just a little bit glamorous with its black roses and gold colour scheme. The best part? It only costs a few dollars to make with items all found at the Dollar Tree! This would be gorgeous hung on your front door, but it would also work great as the focal point for a Halloween mantel indoors. So, it still counts, right?

And that’s it! Some easy, budget-friendly, and beautiful ideas for sprucing up the inside of your home with indoor Halloween decorations. I hope you found something here you could use to make your own home a little more spooky this October 31st. Tag me @thediymommy with your finished decor, I would love to see how you took these ideas and made them your own!

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