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Cute and Healthy Kids Snack Tray Idea with Babybel
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Make a Cute DIY Fruit Tray Snack with Babybel

Just like I love to create beautiful decor, I love to experiment with creating beautiful food ideas! This cute DIY fruit tray featuring Mini Babybel is adorable and fun, but it’s not too difficult to make as a special snack for the kids or even for yourself. Mini cookie cutters and a rainbow variety of fruit make this snack both eye appealing and healthy. Let me show you how easy it is to make this fruit tray snack, and then make sure to head down to the bottom of this post to enter to win a year’s supply of Mini Babybel!Continue reading

How to make a DIY soft macrame pillow cover
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Make a Soft Macrame Pillow Cover (& Yarn Giveaway!)

Macrame has made a big comeback this year in home decor, and I’ve enjoyed experimenting with some macrame DIY projects. You might remember the macrame table runner I made this Fall, and today I have another fun macrame tutorial to share with you: a soft macrame pillow cover! This ain’t your usual macrame – it’s soft and squishy and perfect as a cozy pillow. Read on to learn how to make your own soft macrame pillow cover for your Holiday decor or to give as a gift this season, and I’m also giving you a chance to win your own stash of gorgeous, chunky vegan roving yarn from Top Knot Style!Continue reading

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5 Easy DIY Ideas to Make Your Christmas Brighter (+ Enter to Win $500 from Esurance!)

The Holiday season is upon us, and I’m busy decorating our home for Christmas. I usually start right after Remembrance Day (November 11), and take my time to enjoy the process with my girls and do a few seasonal crafts along the way. If you love crafting like me, you might also love my 5 current favourite Christmas DIY ideas that are super easy to make but add a whole lot of festive spirit to your home. Once you’ve found some inspiration for your own Christmas craft session, make sure to head down to the bottom of this post to enter to win $500 from Esurance to continue decorating your home to your heart’s content!Continue reading

Little C and Her Maplelea Girls Doll
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Little C and her Maplelea Doll: Making Memories on The Canadian Prairies

Did you ever have a special doll when you were little? A doll that went with you everywhere and was your friend through thick and thin? Little C’s Maplelea Doll named “Cady” is that special doll for her. Today, Little C and I want to share Cady the Maplelea Doll with you and give you a video peek into a normal afternoon at our Alberta, Canada prairie home. Continue reading

DIY Craftsman Foursquare Home with Grey Siding, Porch with DIY Columns and a Dark Teal Door
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My 5 Best and Worst Memories from 10 Years of Acreage Living (+ Enter to Win $500 from Esurance!)

September 30th, 2016 marked 10 years of acreage living for my husband and me. Both of us grew up living out in the country for a good majority of our lives, but the land we currently have was the first property we purchased together. If you also live on acreage, you’ll know that it has its ups and downs. For us, I feel like the pros outweigh the cons, but on this 10th anniversary of acreage living, I thought I’d take a stroll down memory lane and share a few best and worst personal memories of acreage life so far. Let’s get nostalgic and real for a few minutes and talk all about the nitty gritty of land and home ownership out in the country. Are you a homeowner too?

Make sure to pop down to the bottom of this post to win a $500 cash gift card to use for decorating a favourite space in your home from Esurance!Continue reading

My Mini MixiQs - adorable collectible toys with hair and clothes that you can change!
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My Mini MixieQ’s – Little C’s New Favourite Toys!

It was my hubby’s idea, and at first I thought it was ludicrous. He suggested that we remove the TV from our living room and commission it to the basement. The more I thought about it, however, the more intrigued I was to see what would happen. Would our kids cry? Would some sort of rebellion rise up from my girls when I removed such a beloved item from our main floor? Let me share with you what happened when we took the TV away from the living room, and some things that the girls love to do now in this space that include Little C’s newest favourite toys – My Mini MixiQ’s!

Continue reading

5 ways to treat back to school kid colds with Kandoo
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5 Ways to Deal When Your Kid Gets a Back-to-School Cold

We got it already. Did you? I’m talking about the lovely friend that visits us every single September when the kids start school: the ever-beloved back-to-school cold. It’s one of those inevitable things that happens every year when my girls enter the little germ factory we commonly know as school. It’s difficult for school-aged kids to avoid getting colds completely, but there are a few things that we mamas can do when our kids are hit by bugs. Here are my top 5 ways to deal when my girls get their back-to-school colds.Continue reading