Creating a Cozy Farmhouse Breakfast Nook with Thrifted Finds

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Today I’m excited to share with you how I transformed our kitchen’s farmhouse breakfast nook into a cozy & unique haven, all while staying within a budget. Who knew thrifted finds could bring so much charm and character to a space? Let’s dive into the details of this mini makeover!

Our breakfast nook is a well-used space in our home. We eat most of our meals here, and it’s where we’ve made lots of wonderful family memories. I’ve tweaked it a lot over the years, but recently I thought it was feeling rather “cold”.

Here’s the Farmhouse Breakfast Nook Before

This was at Christmas time!

I wanted to infuse some warmth and character into the space on a budget. I still absolutely adore my DIY floral drapes in our bay window, so all of the additions needed to coordinate with the charcoal, white and tan colours of the drapes. For inspiration, I’m looking to this beautiful & cozy breakfast nook by Amber Interiors. If you’re needing inspo, Instagram and Pinterest are always chock full of gorgeous farmhouse breakfast nook ideas! I gave my white round table to my sister for her own breakfast nook, and I brought back a warm walnut wood table I had in storage to use in my nook. Then, I headed to the thrift store with my inspiration in mind and found some unique treasures:

Thrifted textiles and home decor accessories that coordinate with my drape fabric

Embracing Character with Vintage Touches

First things first, I wanted to infuse our breakfast nook with warmth and personality. To achieve this, I incorporated a mix of old and new elements. These worn-out chairs I’ve had for years, boasting scratches and dings, have a rustic charm that perfectly complements the walnut wood table. My mom owned them and painted them black years ago. I’ve had them floating around my house, but I think they look so pretty and charming in my breakfast nook! I put the rattan chairs in my dining room for now.

Lighting the Space with Thrifty Elegance

Warm lighting plays a pivotal role in setting the ambiance of any space. I opted for these wall sconces from Amazon to add a soft, inviting glow to our breakfast nook. But why settle for plain shades when you can inject a pop of pattern and texture? I repurposed gingham fabric from thrift store pants to cover the shades, adding a unique twist to our lighting fixtures. The pants were stretchy, so the bottom part of each leg was the perfect shape and size to slip over the lamp shades and hot glue them in place! So that I didn’t have to re-wire the wall, I used these rechargeable light bulbs in the sconces. I thought the perfect spot for these wall sconces was on either side of the round mirror on the wall. They add so much!

DIY Pillow Covers for Personalized Comfort

No cozy nook is complete without plush cushions and pillows. Instead of splurging on new ones, I got creative with thrifted finds. A thrift store towel and some thrifted fabric became the foundation for DIY pillow covers, tying together the farmhouse aesthetic. Paired with my floral drapes, these pillows add a delightful burst of texture and pattern on my dining bench.

I LOVE the texture of the pillow made from the towel, and how the darker colours of the DIY striped pillow add a bit of moodiness to the space and tie into the black accents. You can find my favourite DIY pillow cover tutorials here. This collection of old and “new” pillows adds some interest to my farmhouse breakfast nook, and the combination of patterns is an elegant look.

Texture and Charm with Rattan Accents

To enhance the visual interest of our breakfast nook, I incorporated various textures and unique pieces. A thrifted rattan tray takes center stage on the table, and I gave it a quick dry brushing with some grey paint to tone down the colour. In the tray, I place a handmade pottery vase from the thrift store with some natural coloured dried bunny tails inside. For a pop of fun and a nod to spring, I also added a dollar store bunny and tied a gingham bow around him. And to sprinkle a hint of sparkle, a thrift store glass votive holder finishes the centerpiece.

Achieving Farmhouse Chic on a Budget

What I love most about this makeover is that it didn’t break the bank. By embracing thrifted finds and doing some good ol’ DIYing, I was able to achieve a warm, transitional farmhouse look without exceeding our budget. Every piece in this room tells a story, adding layers of character and charm to this casual dining space. I can’t wait to enjoy more family dinners here!

More Thrifty Farmhouse Breakfast Nook Ideas

If you’re looking to create your own warm & cozy farmhouse style breakfast nook, here are some more ideas you can try:

  • create your own built-in bench like I did by using IKEA fridge cabinets for extra storage and extra seating in your nook
  • source a wooding dining room table with lots of character from Facebook Marketplace
  • add an accent wall by installing some bold wallpaper or some rustic Stikwood planks like I did
  • find unique dishes, glassware and mugs at the thrift store to add the charm of vintage pieces to your kitchen nook on a budget
  • look for unique chandeliers or a statement light fixture at a Habitat for Humanity ReStore center – they often have great pieces!

Final Thoughts

As I sit back and admire our charming breakfast nook, I’m reminded of the beauty of DIY projects and the magic of thrifted finds. With a little imagination and resourcefulness, any space can be transformed into a cozy corner that reflects your unique style. So, next time you’re craving a home makeover, don’t overlook the power of thrifted finds—they just might surprise you! Happy DIYing!

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