Mood Board: Modern Rainbow Toddler Room (Little B’s Bedroom Makeover Week #1)

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When we built our home, my hubby thought it would be a good idea to design it with 4 bedrooms just so that we’d have an extra. We had two daughters at the time. I reluctantly agreed that having one extra room wouldn’t be a bad thing, and we built our home with four bedrooms. The month that we moved into our new house – July 2013 – we found out that we were expecting baby #3! Our “extra” room quickly became the new baby’s room. We had already painted it a medium grey colour so it could be a flex room, so I did the best I could with what we had and decorated it for our new baby girl in a “boho chic” theme. Fast forward 3 years later, and that baby girl is almost three years old! It’s time to give Little B’s room a makeover to suit her unique toddler style and address some of the storage concerns we have in there. Let me show you what we’re planning to do with Little B’s room, and a Modern Rainbow Kids Room mood board!

Here’s how Little B’s room looks right now. Yes, it’s messy, cluttered, and the design is not cohesive AT ALL! I can’t wait to make it look beautiful for Little B. We had to move the mis-matched blinds in from Little C’s old room because they were more room darkening than the ones I originally made for B.

Little B’s closet is fantastic, but it obviously needs a purging and some organizing. I’m still holding on to a lot of her baby items that I need to let go of. It’s hard to do, I tell you!

B’s bed is converted from her crib, but it’s tiny and boring, and she has her heart set on a bunk bed. I thought it would be a fun idea to bring a bunk bed in here so that she could have sleepover’s with her sisters and a place to retreat to when she wants to be alone. We’re going to be working with our friends at The Brick to outfit Little B’s room with some fabulous new furniture that’s cost effective too!

I think I’ll repurpose her change table into some storage. I’m going to move out the rocking chair, and put a little reading nook with a toddler chair in its place. The floating shelf between the window will stay, but I’ll add a couple more shelves beneath it for toy and art storage, and I’m going to do a fun DIY shelf hack to take care of her dress up clothes storage issue. I’m also planning to make a super-cool handmade rug for the space.

Here’s the look we’re going for in Little B’s toddler room makeover:

Modern Rainbow Toddler Bedroom Mood Board

  1. Monarch Kids Chair in Pink from The Brick
  2. White Bed Canopy from Amazon
  3. CorLiving Twin Bunk Bed from The Brick
  4. Pastel Ball Banner from Zulily
  5. Rain Cloud Wall Art from Etsy
  6. Multicolour Bunting Banner from Amazon
  7. Hawthorne Bookcase from The Brick
  8. Rainbow Stripe Rug from Amazon
  9. Cloud Pillow from Amazon
  10. Rainbow Wall Shelf from Zulily

We’re also going to document this makeover on YouTube! Have a look at our first video:

Here’s the checklist of things we’d like to do to Little B’s bedroom:

  1. Caulk and paint the trim and doors
  2. Paint the walls
  3. Repurpose the change table
  4. Install more shelving
  5. Install a feature wall
  6. Install a reading nook
  7. Install new furniture (chair, bed)
  8. Create dress-up storage from a shelf
  9. Make a handmade rug
  10. Hang art and banners
  11. Purge and organize the closet

Think we can do it? Stay tuned to my blog and YouTube channel to watch the transformation in real time!

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by The Brick. As always, all of the opinions here are my own. This post also contains affiliate links.


  1. Awh they grow up so fast…my baby just turned 2 ๐Ÿ™
    Cant wait 2 see what her room looks like when its finished.

  2. The mood board looks so fun! I love the bunk bed idea! I understand how difficult it is to get rid of baby stuff. My kids are 12 and 14 and we still have a bunch. But I’m continuing to KonMari this place and most of the baby stuff has to go… that’s the plan anyway. Looking forward to seeing Little B’s room makeover. xo Jo

  3. I love this so much. My girls loves rainbows too! I saw some great rainbow theme finds on The Land of Nod website, also! Love your blog!

  4. This is excellent planning and i like rainbow . your crib is fantastic,how much it cost? I want to buy one for my kid.
    Thank you very much for sharing..

    1. Thank you, Melissa. Christina doesn’t remember exactly how much her crib was but knows it was fairly inexpensive.

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