15 Creative DIY Scrap Fabric Projects to Try Today

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Do you find yourself hoarding fabric scraps from your sewing projects or large-scale crafts, unsure of what to do with them? Don’t toss them out just yet! These seemingly useless pieces can be transformed into stunning creations with just a little creativity and a few simple tools. From practical items to beautiful decor, there are endless possibilities for repurposing fabric scraps. So, gather up those scraps and get inspired by these 15 exciting DIY scrap fabric projects that you can make today!

Drawer Sachets

Infuse your drawers with delightful scents by filling small fabric sachets with rice and essential oil. These sachets not only keep your clothes smelling fresh but also add a touch of charm to your dresser. Get the full tutorial for these no-sew drawer sachets here!

How to make a DIY beeswax wrap extra sticky

Beeswax Wraps

Say goodbye to single-use plastic wrap and hello to eco-friendly beeswax wraps! Use your fabric scraps to make reusable food wraps coated with beeswax and resin. They’re perfect for wrapping sandwiches, covering bowls, and keeping food fresh. Here’s how to make these simple beeswax wraps from leftover fabric scraps.

How to make DIY fabric scrap twine from small strips of extra fabric

Fabric Scrap Twine

Turn your little pieces of fabric scraps into sturdy twine that can be used for various crafting projects. Simply cut the scraps into strips, twist them together, and voila! You have colorful and unique twine ready for knitting, crocheting, or gift wrapping. You can also use this to make coasters or “mug rugs” by hot gluing it in a spiral on a circular felt base. Watch this video to see how to make this simple twine from scraps of fabric.

Create these adorable ruffled tea towels out of fabric scraps. No sewing required!

Fabric Scrap Trimmed Tea Towels

Give plain tea towels a stylish makeover by adding colorful fabric scraps as trim. Whether you opt for a neutral fabric trim or a playful, colourful design, these custom tea towels will brighten up your kitchen in an instant. They also make a lovely gift that you can personalize for the recipient! Learn how to make these no-sew trimmed tea towels right here.

Mod Podge Coasters

Protect your surfaces in style with DIY coasters made from fabric scraps and Mod Podge. Simply glue the fabric onto cork, tile, or wooden coasters, seal with Mod Podge, and let dry. These personalized coasters make great gifts too! You can make quite a few of these out of a fat quarter and use up a lot of scrap fabric.

DIY Fabric Feather Wall Art - just use wire, fabric, & some Heat 'N Bond for unique artwork!

Fabric Feather Wall Art

Channel your inner artist by crafting fabric feather wall art using fabric scraps, Heat ‘N Bond, and copper wire. Cut out feather shapes from different fabrics and adhere them together with a copper wire inside. Glue them to a burlap covered art panel for some simple wall art! Get the full tutorial here.

Learn how to make a DIY scrap fabric garland to decorate an Easter basket or use as wall decor

Scrap Fabric Fringed Garland

Add a festive flair to any occasion with a colorful fabric fringed garland made from fabric scraps. Simply tear the scraps into strips, tie the scrap fabric strips onto a length of twine or ribbon, and add wooden beads if you wish to create a charming garland that’s perfect for parties or home decor. I wrapped this one around an Easter basket. Get the full DIY for this scrap fabric garland here.

DIY Boho Inspired Flower Pot from Scrap Fabric Twine

DIY Rope Flower Pot

Give your plain flower pots a rustic makeover by covering them with twine made of fabric scraps. Simply wrap fabric scrap twine around the pot, securing it in place with glue. Fill the pots with your favorite plants for a touch of greenery. Find the full tutorial for this simple DIY right here!

How to make realistic looking fabric peonies - great video tutorial!

DIY Fabric Peonies

Create everlasting blooms with fabric scraps by crafting beautiful fabric peonies. Cut out petal shapes from different polyester fabrics, layer them together, and secure them onto a styrofoam ball with hot glue. These fabric flowers make lovely additions to bouquets, wreaths, or hair accessories. Find the tutorial to make these stunning fabric flowers here.

How to make ribbon and fabric wrapped Christmas ornaments. This is so easy and a great way to recycle old ornaments!

Scrap Fabric Christmas Ornaments

Add a handmade touch to your Christmas tree with ornaments made from fabric scraps or ribbon scraps. Simply tear your fabric into 1 inch wide strips, and wrap it around some Christmas ball ornaments. Tack the fabric in place with hot glue. Get creative with different patterns, colors, and embellishments to make each ornament unique. Learn how to make fabric scrap Christmas ornaments by clicking here.

How to sew an easy fabric purse + tips on teaching kids to sew! (video)

Easy Fabric Purse (Great Kids Project)

Get the kids involved in crafting by making simple purses from your fabric remnants. This beginner-friendly project involves basic sewing skills and allows kids to express their creativity through fabric choices and decorations. It’s the perfect accessory for playtime adventures! You can even use extra bits of fabric to make a small flower with a brooch or buttons to embellish the bag. Get the full easy fabric purse free sewing pattern and tutorial right here.

Easy DIY Scrap Fabric Banner to Tutu - A 2-in-1 tutorial!

Scrap Fabric Kids Tutu

Transform your little one into a fairy princess with a whimsical tutu made from small pieces of fabric. Simply tie strips of fabric around an elastic waistband, layering different colors and textures for a magical effect. It’s a fun and easy project that will spark joy in any child’s imagination. Find the full instructions here.

DIY No-Sew Fabric Heart Banner

No-Sew Fabric Heart Banner

Add a touch of romance to your home decor with a no-sew fabric heart banner. Cut out mini heart shapes from fabric scraps, attach two together using a hot glue gun with some fiber fill in the middle, glue them onto some string, and hang them up to create a charming Valentine’s Day decoration that can be enjoyed all year round. These hearts would also look adorable on a festive wreath. Here’s the full tutorial on how to make this easy no-sew heart banner.

DIY Mail Holder Bulletin Board by The DIY Mommy

Mail Holder Bulletin Board

Keep your mail organized and your notes in sight with a DIY mail holder bulletin board made from fabric scraps and a corkboard. Put an old corkboard to good use by covering it with fabric, add pockets for mail and envelopes, and use push pins to hang notes and reminders. It’s a practical yet stylish addition to any entryway or home office. Click here to learn how easy it is to make from start to finish!

Modern Geometric Triangle Quilt Tutorial

Easy Triangle Quilt

Try out quilting with a beginner-friendly DIY triangle quilt made from fabric scraps. Cut your scraps into triangles of equal size, arrange them into a pleasing pattern, and sew them together to create rows. Then, sew the rows together to form the quilt top. Add batting and a backing fabric, then quilt the layers together using your preferred method. Finish it off with a binding around the edges for a cozy and colorful quilt that’s perfect for snuggling up on chilly nights. This project allows you to showcase your favorite fabrics in a stunning and functional way, making it a rewarding endeavor for quilters of all skill levels. Get the full tutorial for this easy triangle quilt here.

With these 15 creative ideas, you’ll never look at your fabric scrap bin the same way again! Whether you’re a seasoned crafter or a DIY beginner, there’s something for everyone to enjoy making with fabric scraps. Have fun crafting!!

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