7 DIY Outdoor Decor Makeovers that will Have You Craving Colour Again

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Get ready to be inspired as I dive into 7 amazing DIY outdoor decor makeovers that will make you want to inject color and life back into your surroundings. Whether you need small porch ideas or backyard patio ideas, I hope these makeovers will give you tons of DIY outdoor decor ideas for your own space.

The weather’s getting warmer, so I’m starting to get excited about decorating our outdoor spaces! Over the years, I’ve done a lot of fun, colourful & budget-friendly outdoor makeovers. Today I wanted to share with you some of my favourites so that you have lots of DIY outdoor decor ideas for your own spaces this season. Let’s get started!

Watch my video to see all of these outdoor makeovers:

Tiny Lake House Spring Porch Makeover in Coral and Green

For this first outdoor space makeover, I want to add more cheerful colours to the small front porch at our Tiny Lake house rental, plus make the space more comfortable for our guests.

I moved the bistro set to the back deck, and I found these rocking chairs that add just the right amount of comfort and texture to this little porch.

The green siding on our cabin is one of my favourite things, so I chose an accent colour that’s opposite the colour wheel – a bright coral pink – to add some life into this space. I created a simple wreath by adding a coral fabric bow to this old faux boxwood wreath I had, and hanging that on the door.

Some patterned cushions, planters and faux plans make this space colourful but super low maintenance which is important to use for this vacation rental. I love how much more comfortable this porch is, and how all of these happy colours work together!

Budget Friendly Modern Boho Deck Makeover

Modern Boho Deck Makeover with DIY Outdoor Sofa

For this next makeover, I wanted to add some personality to this back deck and pergola on this new build. I want to give it a boho flair, so I hung a macrame chair from the beams, and stringing these outdoor lights.

Next, I attached faux greenery panels on the privacy screen to give this deck some colour, then I created this DIY outdoor sofa.

I used some cedar lumber to make this, and I stained it a rich ebony colour. Here’s the link for the plans I used for this outdoor couch build – it was actually a lot easier than I thought it would be! I finished off this DIY outdoor sofa with some outdoor cushions I found at IKEA.

To add some texture, I also made a boho style jute ottoman out of an old tire and some jute rope. I love how this turned out and it was such a fun and unique DIY project!

I added more faux plants to give this space some texture, and some accent pillows to add colour. A side table with a lantern gives the deck a warm and cozy feeling.

I love how this back deck turned out and it’s ready for relaxing or entertaining.

Spring Porch Decor - Colorful Boho Farmhouse with tons of DIY ideas

Turqouise & Blush Pink Front Porch Refresh with DIY Outdoor Decor

I wanted to add some soft colours to our front porch, so I started by creating a simple DIY wreath for my front door with blush pink faux peonies, faux lavender, succulents, and black & white ribbon bow.

To add some texture to the porch floor I created this DIY rug with some jute rope and a crochet hook.

I added a little faux floral arrangement, and adding faux greenery to the porch. I’m adding it to this simple table I made from a couple of stumps and some upcycled wood.

It doesn’t get warm here until the end of May, so adding these faux pieces to my space helps it feel more vibrant. I love how these purple and green DIY pillow and white pillows look on our turquoise outdoor sofa.

I made the curtains on our porch with some drop cloths, and I love how they add a little privacy to the space. Here’s how this cozy space looks, and it’s ready to enjoy this spring!

This front porch makeover with DIY outdoor chairs features bright yellow accents and handmade planter boxes. Get ideas for small front porch decorating!

Small Front Porch Refresh in Yellow, Black & White

I had the opportunity to makeover this little front porch at a show home in Edmonton, so I got to work building some simple DIY chairs from 2x6s. I used this simple build plan from Ana White, and painted them white so that they’d look bright and cheerful on this porch. If you’re on a budget, building your own patio furniture can be a fun solution!

Next, I placed two of these DIY chairs on the front porch, then I added some comfy black & white cushions as well as a yellow striped accent pillow.

I also added a table in the middle with some colourful accents, and I’m planting some yellow and blue flowers in these planter pots for even more colour.I placed the pots in some DIY planter boxes that I painted white and I’ll leave the tutorial for these in the description box.

This front porch makeover with DIY outdoor chairs features bright yellow accents and handmade planter boxes. Get ideas for small front porch decorating!

To finish this happy porch, I’m making a cute little lemon themed wreath for the front door with some faux stems and my glue gun.

This porch looks so comfortable, and I love how I was able to turn such a small space into such a colourful and fun place to hang out in the Spring and summer months. The yellow tones give such a cheerful welcome to anyone who comes to this home!

Country Cottage Small Balcony Decor with DIY Striped Fringed Umbrella

Small Balcony Makeover in Navy, Green & White

A few years ago my parents built a gorgeous new lake house and I had the opportunity to help them style their little balcony. I wanted to create a French country coastal inspired design!

To begin, I used a rug my parents already had and laid it on the porch, I also added faux rattan chairs with blue cushions to the balcony with this little table – this set is the perfect scale for this space. Next, I strung some string lights along the wall of the balcony – I always love the soft glow of string lights in an outdoor space.

Country Cottage Small Balcony Decor with DIY Striped Fringed Umbrella

To make this Amazon umbrella look more French country inspired, I used some fabric hot glue and glued some fringed trim along the edge of the umbrella. This is one of my favourite DIY outdoor decor ideas that makes such a big difference! I made a DIY base for the umbrella, I added it to the balcony, then I added some of my mom’s plants to the space. Even just one potted plant can add so much new life to your outdoor area!

I styled the rest of the balcony with some new and thrift store accessories and some pretty floral cushions my mom made, and this sweet little space is complete. I know my mom and dad will enjoy this retreat for many years to come.

Emerald Green & White DIY Patio Refresh

I wanted to give our back patio a refresh, so to begin I cleaned the whole thing with a pressure washer and by hand because our outdoor spaces get really dirty over the winter.

Next I added an old outdoor rug to my patio as a base layer to add some comfort, then I layered a more colourful outdoor rug over top to give my patio more of a tropical vibe.

Then I made this unique chandelier with a metal hoop, fabric scraps, twine, and essential oil to add some texture to the patio as well as help ward off mosquitos.

I added some comfy chairs to the patio, and then created a fun DIY tabletop fire bowl with a concrete planter, sand, gel fuel, chicken wire, and fire rated rocks from Amazon. I added some dollar store wood tiles near our doors, and then installed some upcycled lattice over our retaining wall to hide the hill of dirt behind our patio.

To complete the space, I added some DIY accessories and colourful pillows and blankets. Using green tones makes this space feel fresh and summer-ready. Some flower pots also add colour and life to the space.

I LOVE our back patio now and I can’t wait to hang out again here this Spring and summer!

Blue & Yellow Back Deck Makeover with DIY Planter Boxes

In 2020 we bought a dilapidated lake house that was overrun with mice and needed a huge makeover. We renovated it ourselves including giving this back deck a complete refresh. I painted the back patio doors we installed this beautiful warm, dark blue called Observatory by Behr. Then I built these DIY planter boxes with some treated lumber.

I placed some cheerful yellow flowers in the planter boxes and matched the colour with some yellow throw pillows on some outdoor chairs. Now the back deck at our little lake house rental looks so cheerful and bright, and it’s ready for our guests to enjoy for many summers to come!

Let me know which of these outdoor makeovers is your favourite, and happy outdoor decorating!

If you’re looking to give your outdoor space a refresh this season, here are my favourite no-fail DIY outdoor decor ideas that make a HUGE impact:

  • give your front door a fresh coat of paint (try a fun colour like mint green or warm blue!)
  • swap out your outdoor throw pillows for some DIY ones in bright colours
  • add some string lights or lanterns to give your space a warm and inviting glow

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