Barbie Party Decor – A Perfectly Pink Tablescape

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If you’re looking for a fun and easy Barbie party decor idea, this Barbie-inspired tablescape is full of simple ideas! So whether you’re putting together a birthday party, a bachelorette party, or wanting to make dinner for your kids a little more fun, I hope you find some inspiration in today’s post.

With the new Barbie movie out this week, I thought it would be fun to put together a pretty table for my girls with a Barbie theme. I used mostly what I already had on hand to create the tablescape, and I love how it turned out!

What you’ll need to create this Barbie-inspired table:

  • white plates (mine are from Walmart years ago, and I love the texture around the edge)
  • gold or gold & white cutlery
  • hot pink & white gingham cloth napkins
  • pearl & gold napkin rings
  • champagne glasses
  • Barbie car (I found ours at a thrift store) or hot pink vase
  • faux florals in pinks & whites (I used peonies and daisies I had on hand.

Setup the base of your table

One of my favourite tricks for creating budget-friendly party tables is to start with a neutral base of white ceramic plates. I think it’s timeless, and it looks a lot more high end than cheap paper or plastic themed tableware. To begin the tablescape for your barbie-themed party, setup the white plates, gold cutlery and champagne glasses. I’ve set my table for four – for my 3 daughters and me! This classic base of white & gold tableware is truly the perfect start for any tablescape. I use this as my base often for all seasons!

How to fold a napkin into a bow

A favourite napkin folding hack of mine is folding a cloth napkin into a bow shape. Layering a colourful folded napkin over white dinnerware is a budget-friendly and simple way to elevate your table for any celebration!

To fold your cloth napkins into a sweet bow that Barbie would approve of, fold the napkin in half into a triangle shape. Then, fold the corner up, then fold it up 3 more times until you’ve created a long rectangle.

Fold the left side of the rectangle over the center, then the right.

Finally, take a napkin ring and pull it over the loop & tail created on the right hand side. Fluff up your bow, and you’re done!

Create more napkin bows, and place them in the center of the plates on your table.

Fun Barbie table centerpiece idea

To create a whimsical table centerpiece, start with a pink Barbie car. If you don’t have one, a hot pink square vase will also do the trick! I found our hot pink Barbie corvette at the thrift store years ago.

Next, gather some faux flowers in pink and white colours, and arrange them inside the car or the vase. I used large, fluffy peonies and white daisies.

Place the arrangement in the middle of the table. So fun, right?!

More Barbie themed party ideas

I simply made our cute table so that my girls and I could enjoy a Barbie-themed snack before we went to see the movie. However, you could add more elements to your party room if you want to keep going with this theme:

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