Yuletide Yummies: A Scrumptious Roundup of Easy Christmas Cookie Recipes!  

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Looking for an easy, delicious Christmas cookie recipe to make this holiday season? Today, I’m sharing some of my favorite recipes that are sure to impress! Whether you’re baking a special Christmas Eve treat or looking for a recipe that would make a great gift, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for! Plus, they are all even more delicious than anything you can buy at a store and oh-so easy to bake too. 

It’s Christmas time, and that means Christmas baking! Sometimes when we think of this activity we think of complicated recipes that only Great Aunt Betsy can execute properly and that take a full day’s commitment in the kitchen. But the truth is, Christmas baking doesn’t have to be difficult! I have collected several of my own recipes here that are easy and straightforward, but still full of holiday spirit.

Mild Gingerbread Cookies

This mild gingerbread recipe makes the most delicious and easy Christmas cookies. The cookies are soft and chewy, with subtle ginger spice flavors. These are a milder version of traditional molasses cookies, making them perfect for the whole family. Pair with a cup of tea or eggnog on Christmas Eve, or package a few into a yummy homemade gift. 

No Bake Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies

Chocolate Oatmeal No Bake Cookies by The DIY Mommy

Looking for a simple cookie recipe that doesn’t require the oven? This No-Bake Oatmeal Chocolate Cookie recipe is one of my favorites! With simple instructions and easy to find ingredients like cocoa powder, vanilla extract and oats, these cookies are sure to be a favorite for both kids and adults this Christmas. You could even add some extra flavor with (always optional) peanut butter, or experiment with coconut or chocolate chips for a delicious twist. Yum!

Pumpkin Spice Snickerdoodles

Pumpkin Spice Snickerdoodles Cookie Recipe

Chewy, flavorful and warming recipes make the best Christmas cookies. These Pumpkin Spice Snickerdoodles check all these boxes! The addition of homemade pumpkin spice to the traditional snickerdoodle recipe is such a delicious twist. These cookies are soft and chewy in the centre with a crunchy cinnamon sugar coating and a buttery taste. They are so delectable, so easy to make, and so much better than any store-bought cookie. Plus, once they are baked these cookies store well in the freezer. Make a big batch, save some for Christmas Eve and have plenty more to enjoy throughout the season. 

Sugar Cookies with Maple Glaze

Sugar Cookies with Maple Syrup Glaze by The DIY Mommy

For an easy sugar cookie recipe, look no further! These baked sugar cookies are soft, mild and scrumptious, with a delicious and sweet maple glaze. They are perfect to go alongside a glass of milk or cup of tea or would be a wonderful homemade Christmas cookies gift! To make these cookies look as good as they taste, you can also use a festive cookie cutter, icing, and sprinkles.

How to make a wreath out of gingerbread cookies. Great gift idea and great recipe!

For the ultimate Christmas cookie recipe that doubles as a gorgeous decoration, make this delicious, edible Gingerbread Cookie Wreath! To make the wreath, I made a batch of my favorite gingerbread cookie dough. Then, I rolled the dough, cut it with a festive snowflake cookie cutter and baked the gingerbread on a cookie tray for less than 10 minutes. When the cookies were baked through and cool, I piped on royal icing to make the cutest snowflakes, then constructed my wreath. They look so amazing, you’d never guess how easy they are to make or how short the prep time is! And don’t underestimate the sticking power of royal icing. Your cookies will be stuck to your wreath base until you take your decorations down for the season!

Maple Pecan Tassies

Maple Pecan Tassies Christmas Cookie Mini Tart Recipe

These Maple Pecan Tassies are rich in flavor and a delicate and delicious addition to your cookie offerings this Christmas! They look like tiny tarts and taste like a cross between shortbread cookies and a slice of pecan pie. I also changed the recipe just slightly to add some maple syrup. Pecan and maple taste so good together…almost too good! I can’t wait to bake these again this Christmas, and I know they would be a favorite in your house too.

Tante Betty’s Pfeffernusse | German Iced Spice Christmas Cookies

Do you like a good spice cookie at Christmas time? Then you should make my Tante (Aunt) Betty’s Pfeffernusse – a spicy, German cookie smothered in icing. They’re the perfect treat for the holidays! Besides being spicy, they are also soft, pillowy and oh-so delicious. And, the icing glaze helps to keep them moist and adds more sweetness and texture. These also freeze well, so make an extra batch or two and store them in the freezer ahead of time for Christmas Eve festivities!

The Softest Chocolate Chip Cookies

The softest, best chocolate chip cookie recipe with a secret ingredient!

Chocolate chip cookies are a classic for any time of year, and a favorite in my family! This recipe serves up a cookie with a crispy, buttery outside and a moist and fluffy inside. There’s also a “secret ingredient” that makes the cookies extra soft! Whether you’re making these for Christmas Eve or as a yummy homemade gift, these cookies will be appreciated! They are so easy and so delicious that you’ll want to keep this recipe to make again and again. You can even make them extra festive by using red and green M&Ms instead of plain chocolate chips, or sneak some white chocolate in there too.

I hope these easy Christmas cookie recipes have inspired you to bake this festive season! As you can see, Christmas baking does not have to be a time intensive chore that no one enjoys. So pick a recipe (or two or three!) and get your kids to join you in the kitchen for some family baking fun this season! If you manage to pick a favorite, I would love to hear about it. Let me know in the comments or tag me on Instagram @thediymommy

Merry Christmas everyone! And happy baking adventures too!

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