10 Ideas for Small Laundry Room Organization & Decor

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Need some laundry room inspiration? These 10 quick and EASY small laundry room ideas for organization and decor will keep your laundry room tidy and beautiful!

Small Laundry Room Organization & Decor Ideas

Our laundry room is relatively small, about 5 by 10 feet. Once you take the appliances into account, it really feels like a glorified closet! We all know what can happen to a small space that gets used all the time…it gets messy so fast. So, I use a few organization tricks to keep it functional. I also think a cute looking laundry area helps makes washing and folding a load of towels a much more pleasant chore, don’t you agree? The decor in this space is bright and cheery for that reason! Here are 10 organization and decorating ideas I use for my laundry room that I think you might love for yours, too.

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Giant Wall Pegboard for Organizing

The oversized, floor to ceiling framed pegboard on our laundry room wall helps keep cleaning and laundry items out of the way and off the countertop. On the pegboard, I’ve hung items like a broom, mop, ironing board, laundry bags, and a drying rack. I’ve even put some less practical items up there, like some beautiful wall art and picture frames! A peg wall is a great way to be creative and organize your laundry room for your own tastes and needs. If your laundry room is also a shared bathroom, utility room, or mudroom (or even a home office…I saw this once!), this is a great idea because it keeps everything organized and off the floor so you have more room for other things.  Learn how to make a giant pegboard like this right here.

Pull-Out Drying Rack

Hanging a standard wooden drying rack on hooks on our pegboard saves floor space. I can pull it out to air-dry items as needed, and then push it back in against the wall when it’s not in use. The same principle would apply to a pull-out ironing board! The more things you can hang on the wall to get them out of your way, the better!

Small Laundry Room Organization & Decor Ideas

Small Buckets for Lint

I’ve placed a small wooden shelf on the pegboard to hold some small buckets for laundry lint, lost change and other random items. These take the place of a larger garbage bin so that I have more room in this space.

DIY Cafe Curtains

To keep my laundry room looking coordinated and cute, I’ve made some simple DIY cafe curtains in a floral print. The red in the fabric ties in to my red washer and dryer. Along with the rug they add a nice homey feel to this otherwise utilitarian space. Get the DIY for these simple curtains right here.

Custom Ironing Board Cover

I also created a DIY ironing board cover to match my curtains. Since the ironing board is hanging on the pegboard, it helps make the laundry room feel cohesive.

Small Laundry Room Organization & Decor Ideas

Hanging Laundry Bags for Laundry Room Organization

One of my favourite items in my laundry room are these hanging cotton laundry bags. They hang off of hooks on the pegboard wall (you could also use a hanging rod), and are easy for my whole family to access. They are so much more efficient than traditional laundry baskets, and save me precious floor space! Simple iron-on labels made with my Cricut help everyone put their laundry in the right spot. Find these laundry bags here.

Small Laundry Room Organization & Decor Ideas

Vintage Accessories

Something that can add interest to your laundry room is incorporating vintage accessories. I love this antique washboard and vintage-look basket in the corner of our laundry room on top of the washing machine.

Old Door Countertop

Speaking of vintage, I used a vintage door as a countertop over our washer and dryer for a place to fold clothing. The door is secured to the wall with L brackets, and I painted it with brown and tan shades to give it a rustic look. There can never be too much counter space in a laundry room, after all!

Small Laundry Room Organization & Decor Ideas

Shelving with Baskets between the Washer & Dryer

If you have extra space between your washer and dryer, consider adding some narrow open shelving. The shelf in our laundry room is actually an IKEA kitchen shelf and it’s the perfect place for dryer sheets and baskets for other laundry essentials like stain removers and little bits and bobs.

Small Laundry Room Organization & Decor Ideas


I’m always a fan of a good tray, and they’re great for laundry room organization! This DIY tray corrals some of my most-used laundry products like laundry detergent, bottles, and a brush.

Now tell me: What are your best laundry room organization and decorating tips? Tag me @thediymommy, I would love to see your laundry room pics!

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  1. Great ideas! I myself have a very small laundry room that shares duties. I love the idea of taking advantage of all the wall space, and the addition of a pegboard! Using shelves that are directly on the wall versus a floor shelving unit really adds quite a bit more space, and with the pegboard, you can easily go all the way up to the ceiling.

  2. Great organization ideas and thank you for the links to all the cool items. I am getting ready to organize my laundry room and now I have some great ideas to help get me started. Looks great!

  3. I have a question about the drying rack. Do you find it sturdy enough to hang multiple items on it to dry. I’m nervous it won’t hold much weight while attached to the peg board (which is such a genius idea!)

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