Easy DIY TARVA IKEA Nightstand Makeover You’ll Love

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Want to turn a plain TARVA nightstand from IKEA into a stunning, modern piece for your bedroom? Let me show you this simple IKEA nightstand makeover that transformed these plain pieces into the perfect accents for our Tiny Lake House bedroom.

The IKEA TARVA line is one of my favourite starting points for DIYs! They have some simple bedroom pieces like a bed frame, a tall dresser, a short dresser, and a nightstand. You can see how I transformed a TARVA dresser with some paint, stain and thrifted belts here.

Our Tiny Lake House bedroom needed some bedside storage, and I knew the small TARVA nightstand would be perfect. I found one IKEA TARVA nightstand on the IKEA website, and then since they didn’t have another one to create a pair, I found a used one on Facebook Marketplace. Inspired by their compact size, I planned a simple hack that would infuse character into the bedroom at our Tiny Lake House. Here’s the step-by-step process of turning these little nightstands into modern masterpieces, combining practicality with a touch of creativity.

Materials You’ll Need:

  1. IKEA TARVA Nightstands: Look on Facebook Marketplace if you can’t find them in IKEA.
  2. Pole Wrap: Found at Home Depot to add decorative detail.
  3. Wood Glue: Ensures a sturdy bond between the pole wrap and nightstand drawers.
  4. Miter Saw: Essential for precision cutting of the pole wrap to fit the drawer fronts.
  5. Weight: Something heavy to press down and secure the adhesive during the transformation.
  6. Paint Sprayer: A handy tool for achieving a flawless coat, especially on irregular surfaces like pole wrap.
  7. Behr Paint in “Alpine Trail”: A beautiful deep green for a striking finish.
  8. Modern Black Pulls: Sourced from Amazon to add a contemporary touch.
  9. Drawer Liner: To protect the inside bottoms of the drawers and introduce a surprise pattern.


Sourcing the New Nightstands

First, I sourced my two IKEA nightstands. I assembled the one that needed assembly, sanding them with a sanding sponge, and cleaned them.

Adding Drawer Detailing

Then, I found MDF pole wrap material at Home Depot online. I added it to the nightstand drawer fronts with wood glue. Armed with a miter saw, I cut the pole wrap to size, ensuring a seamless fit on the drawers.

To ensure a secure bond, I placed a weight on top, letting the adhesive work its magic. With good wood glue, you shouldn’t need to tack the pole wrap down with nails, though you can if you want to.

(I’ve also seen people use dowels to achieve a similar look! Cut some half-round wooden dowels to the height of the drawer, and glue them on individually for a fluting effect.)

Painting the Nightstands

For the pièce de résistance, I opted for a gorgeous deep green paint called “Alpine Trail” by Behr. Armed with my trusty paint sprayer, I painted the nightstands, ensuring a flawless finish even on the intricate pole wrap drawer fronts. I opted for two coats of paint for this DIY project.

You could also use a foam roller and paint brush to paint your nightstands, but a sprayer is SO fast!

Adding the Finishing Details

Elevating the look further, I sourced & installed some sleek modern black pulls from Amazon, adding a touch of contemporary flair to the nightstands. These new handles look so much better than the original knobs. New hardware always makes such a difference on furniture and cabinets for a minimal investment!

To protect the drawers and infuse an element of surprise, I lined the inside bottoms with a stylish floral drawer liner. You could also use contact paper for this step.

I LOVE how this simple IKEA nightstand hack turned out, and the nightstands look so adorable in our tiny lake house bedroom. They make the perfect bedside table for us and our guests! They have so much open storage space, and the drawers are handy for all sorts of things from tissue to books.

And there you have it – a step-by-step transformation that turned a basic IKEA TARVA nightstand into a personalized, bold nightstand for our cozy Tiny Lake House bedroom!

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