10+ Fall Wreaths: Fun and Easy DIY Projects!

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Nothing signals the start of a new season more than a beautiful new wreath on your front door! Wreaths are a fun and easy craft to make. I love playing with different color and texture combinations each season. Now that I’m wearing gloves outside because the breeze has a bit of a bite to it and fall is definitely in the air, I’m in the mood for fall wreaths, and I’m sharing a bunch of them with you here today! Here are 10+ fall season wreaths, all unique and budget friendly. 

DIY Fall Wreaths

I absolutely love making DIY wreaths. I love the creative freedom and how many different looks can be achieved by tweaking just one or two materials, colors, or even just the placement of all the same things! Something to keep in mind about how I manage to keep my wreaths low-cost: I buy a lot of my florals at the dollar store or at Michaels with the must-have coupon! By mixing dollar store finds with a high-quality floral purchased on sale, I can keep the cost per wreath way down and achieve a lifelike foliage look. I also reuse my wreath forms and flowers from season to season – just a small dab of hot glue and a piece of floral wire keeps everything in place and makes it easy to remove each embellishment when I want it or the wreath form for something else. There are lots of tips and tricks for elevating the look of dollar store greenery! I hope you find some inspiration here for your own DIY fall wreath, made on a budget!

Romantic DIY Fall Grapevine Wreath

This DIY Fall grapevine wreath is so romantic and is one of my best fall wreaths. It’s neutral with creamy white and green tones, but it’s anything but boring!  Filled with faux pampas grass, olive branches, pumpkins, and roses, it’s soft and pretty with lots of texture. Learn how to make one to display on your front door or mantel this season! In the full post you will find complete instructions and a materials list, as well as links to other fall wreaths made by some of my favorite blogging friends.

Learn how to make a DIY Fall wreath featuring a grapevine base, muted Fall colors of cream and green, faux pampas grass, florals and olive branches.

How to make a Dried Flower Wreath

A dried floral wreath is such a beautiful, organic decor element for any season. You can easily make one yourself to save money. Here’s how to make a dried flower wreath in a few easy steps! You can find dried florals at HomeSense or Michaels or most craft stores. If you are very ambitious you can gather and dry them yourself! Choose fall colors and a variety of textures and you’re all set. 

A dried floral wreath is a beautiful addition to your home decor. Making one is easy and fun! Here's how.

DIY Romantic Boho Fall Wreath

Love dried florals, muted colors and romantic details as much as I do? You’ll enjoy making this DIY Romantic Boho Fall Wreath this autumn! This large fall wreath features both dried and faux flowers and leaves, faux roses, dried blood oranges, and an upcycled satin bow. It has lovely soft shades of pink, orange and green, and it’s perfect for your Boho or French Country farmhouse decor scheme this year. Come see all the details on how I made it!

DIY Romantic Boho Fall Wreath

This $7 Fall DIY Dollar Tree Wreath is LIT!

For only $7 USD (or $8.75 if you’re in Canada like I am), you can make a beautiful DIY wreath for fall with a special feature – it’s lit by fairy lights! This wreath is so beautiful and rustic, using different fabrics and soft colors to achieve texture and beauty: a burlap pumpkin and oak leaves, raffia ribbon, and delicate neutral colored florals. And of course, the enchanted touch of lovely little fairy lights! You could even add some little white pumpkins if you wanted to. Visit my post for the full video tutorial.  

Make a rustic, lit Fall wreath for 6 dollars!

Make a Simple Lavender Wreath

Lavender wreaths are a beautiful way to decorate your home for any occasion or season. I think it’s such a gorgeous shade for fall. Also, you could easily intersperse other faux flowers for a specific look or pop of color you have in mind. Come learn how to make a simple lavender wreath with faux lavender for your front door or mantel decor!

How to make an easy DIY faux lavender wreath

Make a Fall Floral Grapevine Wreath in Rose Gold & Copper

I decided to do something a little bit different with my wreath this time! This is a traditional grapevine wreath with faux florals and greenery. However, I made it unique with a fresh color combo of rose gold, copper, and green for fall. Rather than your typical oranges, golds, and browns, I used pinks, coppers, corals, and greenery. I love pink, and using it in a warmer tone and combining it with fall shapes and textures like pumpkins, colored leaves, and copper makes it feel more autumnal

Fall Floral Grapevine Wreath in Rose Gold and Copper

Make a Fall Fairy Garden Wreath

Why is everything so much more exciting in miniature form?! I could lie and say that I like to make doll house things and fairy gardens because my girls love it, but the truth is that I love minis just as much as (if not more than!) they do. This fall fairy garden wreath is an ode to all things mini. It’s a craft that both you and your kids will enjoy creating! This non-traditional wreath is made from a galvanized metal tray (dollar store!), and an adorable fairy garden scene with either eucalyptus or magnolia leaf greenery encircled by a green wreath. I used a pre-made boxwood wreath but some fern fronds would look so lovely around it too! 

Fall Fairy Garden Wreath Tutorial

Hoop Wreath with DIY Fabric Flowers

Learn how to make a beautiful hoop wreath from an embroidery hoop, ribbon, faux greenery and gorgeous peonies that you can make with fabric petals! There’s no hiding that I’m a huge fan of anything with flowers on it. This cute little hoop wreath is no exception. To make it, I used supplies I already had on hand and I’m so happy with the result! I love how the green-blue of the hoop contrasts with the peach-pink of my fabric peonies. It’s a romantic piece that would look sweet on a front door. The twine wrap at the top of the hoop combined with a few succulents interspersed with the peonies would make this perfect for fall. 

Hoop Wreath with DIY Fabric Flowers for Spring

Upcycled & Salvaged Wreaths

There’s nothing more fun than trying to create something out of what other people would consider junk. It’s easy to buy something pretty and new, but it requires a lot more creativity to make something pretty out of something old. Continue reading below to see how I turned someone else’s junk into my own beautiful treasure!

Salvaged Farm Junk Fall Wreath

For this fall wreath, I wanted to make something out of things I already had on hand or things I could salvage from outside. When we visited my aunt and uncle’s farm, I found just the thing to jump start my project! An old, rusty rim was laying beside a fence in their field and it looked like the perfect base for a farmhouse wreath. Let me show you how I made this simple, salvaged wreath, mostly from things I found on the ground!

Once I had the rim for a wreath base, I searched around the house for things to put on it. Although I could have made it look more like a grass wreath since I did find the rim in a field, I decided to go a different direction. I found some damaged wheat in a nearby field, some old twigs, some feathers, and some faux berries and green burlap ribbon in my craft room. I love this minimalist, salvaged look, and it reminds me of family and the place I call home! Visit my full post for all the details

Fall porch in teal, red, burlap

DIY Foraged Fall Wreath

Fresh forest foraged fall wreath. Say that 10 times fast! This time, I wanted to create a wreath from a mixture of things I foraged in our backyard. Not only is it a cost effective way to go but I think using nature in decor is simply beautiful. I’m really happy with how my foraged fall foliage wreath turned out. It was really simple to make, and this project also makes a great activity to do with the kids. My three year old LOVED making this wreath with me. With some red leaves, golden leaves, berries, and pine cones all held together with a simple loop of wire, I think this live wreath looks quite fall-like. Don’t you? And it is just perfect for outdoor use, where it will last longer and look so natural. 

How to make a fresh DIY Fall wreath out of foraged branches, leaves and pinecones

A Brown Paper Fall Wreath from My Recycling Bin

I was in a real mood the other day, and wanted to make a new wreath without spending any money at all.  I find that giving myself this challenge always makes me more creative. Doing what I can with what I have usually leads to some really great ideas! 

With a few materials from my recycling bin and my scrap fabric stash and my trusty hot-glue gun, I made this pretty kraft paper and burlap fall wreath that I hung in our living room. It was a complete experiment, but I’m pleasantly surprised with how nicely it turned out! I based it on the popular book page wreath (I used this tutorial as my inspiration), but for a new trick I used an old roll of kraft paper cut into rectangles and put in two layers onto a DIY wreath form (you could use a wire wreath form or a foam wreath form too) instead. The strips of burlap made into roses was a perfect little touch. Come get all the details so you can make your own!

DIY Recycled Brown Paper & Rolled Burlap Roses Fall Wreath

There you have it! More than 10 different wreath examples to get your creative juices flowing. Which your favourite? Happy fall wreath making, friends!

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10+ Fall wreaths

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