Easy House Organization Ideas: Clever Solutions for Every Room

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Happy New Year everyone! This is the time of year when most of us decide it’s time to clean house, and for good reason. We are ready to say goodbye to the old and welcome the new, and in my opinion, there’s no better way to do this than with a new set of storage containers and a dream! 

In this roundup, I’m going to share my favourite house organization ideas for different areas of your home. They are all easy, fun, and budget-friendly too. So no matter if you want to get your kitchen drawers in order or attack your youngest child’s closet first, I’ve got something for everyone! Come organize with me. 

Small Entryway Makeover using Ikea Stall shoe storage and DIY board & batten

Kitchen Organization Ideas 

Let’s start where most people like to start organizing. The kitchen! In this section, I’m sharing some ideas for fridge organization, how to finally sort out the pantry that makes you stressed every time you open the door, and ways to minimize countertop clutter. Let’s go! 

Small Pantry Organization Ideas

Have you been neglecting the spaces in your house that no one else really sees? You know, like that pantry that’s always a mess? I FINALLY organized the small pantry in our kitchen! Spaces behind closed doors seem to be the last places I clean and organize because it’s so much easier to hide them. But there was no time like the present to tackle this disorganized pantry and make it functional and pretty for our family

Budget Friendly Small Pantry Organization Ideas

I wanted to figure out how to maximize all my shelf space and create easy access storage for all the canned goods, spices, and other things that live in this pantry. I’m SO excited that it’s done and looks a million times better than before. Come see the transformation, plus get some pantry organization ideas so you can organize your own small pantry! (Hint: I got to use my Cricut to make some pretty labels!)

10 Best Kitchen Countertop Organization Ideas (Easy!)

Is your kitchen counter space feeling messy and cluttered? No matter how big or small your kitchen is, counters always seem to be an issue! My kitchen is probably one of the busiest places in my home, and keeping it organized can be challenging. Countertop space is limited and it can be tough to find the perfect spot for everything. Keeping my kitchen countertops organized is essential, especially for food prep. I don’t want cluttered countertops when I’m making dinner! 

I’m sure you feel the same way. So, I’m sharing my favourite counter organization ideas that are easy to implement and maintain and that will have your kitchen feeling less cluttered in no time. I’ve got simple ideas like hanging mugs on hooks or placing often-used similar items on a tray, lazy susan, or in a rolling cart. I’ve also got bigger ideas, like how a workstation sink might make your life easier (if you’re looking for renovation suggestions). This post has it all! Come get yourself organized today with these ideas and more. 

How to Clean and Organize Your Fridge for Easy Maintenance

If you’re like me, your refrigerator is the central hub of your home. Not only does it store all of your food, but it’s also where you keep your drinks, leftovers, and condiments. That’s why it’s important to keep your fridge clean and organized for easy maintenance. In this blog post, I’ll share some fridge organization ideas that are realistic & easy for the family to maintain! 

We will cover everything from how to properly clean your fridge, my favourite ways to organize my fridge contents, and some product recommendations for what I use in my own fridge to keep my food clean, separated, and visible. I have even included my favourite meal-planning tip, because your fridge will stay even more organized if you know what’s in it and when it will get used! A clean and tidy fridge is within your reach, I promise.

Bathroom Organization Tips

Bathrooms are another tricky space that can leave you feeling frustrated with all the flotsam and jetsam that can accumulate over time. I know the kitchen junk drawer is supposed to be the worst dumping ground in the world, but in my experience bathroom drawers can be just as bad! So follow along with me as I help you solve your bathroom organization woes.

Small Bathroom Organization Ideas

Do you have a small bathroom that gets a lot of use? If so, you know that these spaces can be very difficult to keep tidy and organized. I know from experience! When you’re working with a teeny tiny bathroom like our 25-square-foot powder room, you have to be really smart with your house organization ideas! 

Small Bathroom Powder Room Organization Ideas

Let me show you the simple ways I’ve organized our main floor powder room. Vertical storage is going to be your friend in a space like this: shelves above the toilet and a container on the back of the vanity door do wonders for increasing the number of things you can store neatly in a small bathroom. And of course, strategic bins, baskets and trays to maximize the vanity space and any drawers are a must-have too. Come see all my ideas (and check out the pretty wallpaper too!) and see how I make my small bathroom work for our family.

Kids Bathroom Organization Ideas + Free Printable Bathroom Art

Do you have a bathroom dedicated to your kids that requires some unique storage solutions and some cheerful artwork? I did, too! Let me show you how I organized our girls’ shared bathroom, including some free bathroom-themed artwork that you can download to make your kids’ bathroom brighter. 

Clever kids bathroom organization ideas

Like most kids, mine are rather messy and need a bit of help keeping things tidy. The sink area and the under-sink cabinets in particular get cluttered and dirty very quickly. So, I tried to tackle each problem I saw. I added a rail to the bottom of the mirror frame. On the rail, I hung some buckets that contain the kids’ toothbrushes and toothpaste and their hair supplies like brushes and ponytail holders. These don’t travel around the counter the way the mason jars used to! 

The solution for the under-counter cupboard mess was to purchase an inexpensive plastic tower of drawers and a couple of fabric bins. The fabric bins hold some cleaning supplies, face cloths and hand towels (I didn’t want them rummaging through my linen closet and throwing blankets and pillows everywhere every time they needed something). These bins were given Cricut labels, of course! 

On the other side of the bathroom, we have a hook wall for towels with some custom artwork above it. This cheerful artwork looks so cute for a kids’ bathroom! I shared the links in the main post so you can print and hang it yourself. 

Clever kids bathroom organization ideas

With a little help, kids CAN keep their stuff clean! See if any of these ideas (or the pretty artwork) will inspire you to do a little mini organization and decor freshening reno in your kids’ bathroom too! Or maybe even your own, who knows?

Beautiful & Practical Kids Bedroom Organization Ideas

Lots of my bedroom storage ideas are born from sheer desperation when dealing with my own family! When little C was tiny she was a bit of a packrat, and this post came to be because I finally went through the room with a garbage bag and a will to organize (with C’s permission of course). I want to share some of the improvements we made to Little C’s bedroom and some ideas on beautiful yet practical organization systems for kids’ bedrooms

One thing her room lacked was a good place for all of the books she was starting to collect. I took an inexpensive cube shelf and put some wallpaper onto the back to give it some extra pizzazz. I also lined the drawers of a plastic organizer tower with the same wallpaper. This is a great little spot for Lego and small toys that tend to look messy. 

Beautiful & Practical Kids Bedroom Organization Ideas

Don’t forget to use the walls to your advantage! I made an art board from a picture frame, lace trim and clothespins, and I also used the same lace fabric to make a simple hammock for her stuffed animals. A wooden cubby I found a few years ago holds more toys and accessories. 

I think the before and after shots show just how much these small changes made my daughter’s room feel comfy, cozy, and under control. I hope you can apply them to your kids’ rooms as well! 

Closet Design Ideas: Functional & Affordable!

Closet design ideas and organization can be such a challenge! These are spaces we all use multiple times a day, and if we aren’t careful they can really get away from us.  In this roundup post (yes, a roundup within a roundup!), I’ve collected ideas for radical closet reconstruction, some simple organization tips and hacks (how DO you keep jewelry properly organized, anyway?) and even some ideas for how to create closet space out of nothing. Whether you’re looking for inspiration for your kids’ or entryway closets or how to create a fun and functional mudroom area, I’ve got you covered.

Entryway Storage Ideas for Quick & Easy Organization

Are you struggling to keep your entryway/mudroom clean and organized? Whether it’s the door you come in through the garage or your grand front entrance, an entryway is just one of those spaces that can quickly get cluttered and disorganized. If you can put a few storage systems in place, you can create a spot for everything and keep your entry cleaner and more streamlined. The best part? The organizing tips I’m going to share with you right now can work in even the smallest foyer or mudroom! I’m sharing my favourite IKEA furniture hack for pretty and functional shoe storage space, a boot tray that is NOT an eyesore, how to use hooks instead of hangers to your best advantage, and more! These entryway ideas have saved my sanity and I hope they save yours too. 

Quick Tips and Tricks (For People Who Love Lists)

If you are a fan of lists and quick tips & hacks you can easily employ in your own space, then this section is for you. Some of the lists are specific to one room of the house, but most of them are strategies that will work just about anywhere! Whether you are looking for general ideas like how to organize a small space or how to tidy when you are a visually motivated person or specific ideas like how to make your laundry room work efficiently, there’s something for you here.

10 Small Space Organization Hacks

Small spaces can be so hard to keep organized! I find that having a place for everything (and everything in its place) is a very good way to help me keep these areas clean and organized. This principle applies no matter what you’re storing or where, so in this post, I’m sharing some organization hacks and tips and tricks that can be used in almost any part of the house! Hook walls are good for almost anywhere. Pegboard is an excellent addition to your laundry room, garage, or command center. My IKEA bench hack is great for extra seating in your kitchen, living room bay window area, or awkward bedroom nook. You get the idea! Come get the details on these small-space home organization tips and more.

Easy laundry room organization and safety ideas

10 Life-Changing Home Organization Ideas for the Visual Organizer

Are you a visual organizer like I am? If so, you might find yourself frustrated with traditional organizing suggestions without being sure why. The truth is that we are usually taught to organize by hiding all our things. For visual people, this is not helpful at best and can make you feel hopeless about your clutter at worst.

Today I’m sharing a video with 10 ways to organize your home if you prefer visual abundance and organizational simplicity. From see-through plastic bins with pretty labels for bathroom storage, to shelves and hooks in places you might not have thought of using them before, to giant pegboard walls for storing all your laundry or pantry items in plain sight, I’ve got so many ideas for you. I hope I can convince you that organization does not have to mean shoving all your things away in a closet!

10 Best IKEA Organization Products under $20

It is no secret that I am a big fan of IKEA. Whether it’s furniture to hack or clever budget-friendly storage solutions, I’m almost always going to suggest you try IKEA first! In this post, I want to help you start your organizing spree off right with 10 of my favourite IKEA organizing products for under $20.  I could start with the SKUBB boxes, which come in all shapes and sizes and are fantastic for drawer organization. We’ve used the smaller set for drawers in our kids’ rooms, and the larger SKUBB boxes are perfect for our walk-in primary closet.

Or, what about the GODMORGON boxes? Made specifically for bathroom vanities, these substantial smoked plastic organizers are perfect for storing makeup and skincare items. The box with compartments could also be used to organize art supplies, and the box set with lids is perfect for the visual organizer who likes to see their things! You could even label these with your Cricut if you want to take them to the next level.

And don’t even get me started on everything I love at IKEA to help me organize my kitchen! I want to show you my pot lid organizer, my favourite baskets for pantry open shelving, glass containers with bamboo lids for pretty fridge storage, and so much more. And did I mention they all cost less than $20? Check out these tried and tested IKEA organizing products and start organizing your life today! 

10 Ideas for Small Laundry Room Organization & Decor

Our laundry room is relatively small, about 5 x 10′. Once you take the washer and dryer into account, it really feels like a glorified closet! We all know what can happen to a small space that gets used all the time…it gets messy so fast. So, I use a few organization tricks to keep it functional. And I make no apologies for making it pretty in here either. A cute looking laundry area helps make washing and folding a load of towels a much more pleasant chore, don’t you agree? 

Small Laundry Room Organization & Decor Ideas

These 10 quick and easy small laundry room ideas for organization and decor will keep YOUR laundry room tidy and beautiful too! I love using vertical space well in a small room, and my ideas for a giant pegboard, hanging drying rack, and laundry bags shouldn’t surprise you. I’ve also got some ideas for laundry item storage (and trash, because let’s be real) and of course pictures of how I pull it all together and make it a cute and welcoming space. See which ideas you can transfer over into your own laundry area and get to work! 

Storage Room Success: 7 Pro Tips to Organize Your Space!

Do you have a terribly messy and unorganized storage room like I did? Follow along with me as I clean up my own messy storage unit and pass on these 7 simple and practical storage room organization tips I learned along the way! They are easy to do, and they’ll help you tidy and organize your own room in a snap.  From how to choose and secure the right kind of storage shelves, to what bins and baskets I think work best, to how to sort your things, I’ve got you covered. I’m even sharing a very embarrassing before pic of my own storage room so you can see just how well these ideas work! 

7 Simple & Practical Storage Room Organization Tips

And that’s it! All kinds of house organization ideas to make your home cozy, comfy, beautiful, and efficient. I hope you find something here to inspire you to organize at least one of your spaces today. Tag me @thediymommy, I love to see a good before and after organization project!

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