Sew Much Fun: 20+ Easy and Creative Sewing Projects for Kids

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Welcome to a roundup of my favorite simple kid-related sewing projects! Whether you’re a seasoned seamstress or just starting out with needle and thread, these easy projects are perfect for your skill level. From Pinterest-worthy creations to DIY gift ideas, I’ve curated a collection of quick sewing projects you can do for or with your kids that will inspire your creativity and leave you feeling accomplished. Clear your workspace, sharpen your scissors, and let the sewing begin!

A homemade DIY duvet cover and unicorn plush on a kid's bed.

What is the most beginner friendly thing to sew? 

For beginners, sewing simple items with straight lines is a great way to start. Pillowcases make a quick sewing project, or you can try making simple home decor items like curtains or table runners, tote bags, or placemats. Once you’ve mastered straight lines, you can gradually move on to more complicated projects. Most patterns come with clear instructions, so don’t be afraid to give them a try and keep your projects simple as you build your skills.

Here are a few of my faves for beginner sewing that are great for people with kids in their lives:

Family Sewing Adventure: Fabric Purse for (and with!) Kids

Throwback to that time my daughters and I got seriously busy with DIY crafts during spring break when they were small. Little C and I dusted off her pink sewing machine and created the most adorable fabric purse together. In this video tutorial, I’ll guide you through the process of sewing this cute purse, complete with a jewelled flower embellishment. Plus, I’ll share my top tips for teaching kids how to sew. Let’s get creative and sew something magical!

Sew an easy fabric purse with flower detail.

Sew and Snack: Easy DIY Reusable Bag

Tired of disposable plastic bags for snacks and lunches? In this easy tutorial, I’ll show you how to sew your own reusable snack bags in just 15 minutes! These adorable and functional bags are perfect for packing litter-free lunches for school or work. Join me in reducing plastic waste with this fun and eco-friendly sewing project!

Sew reusable fabric snack bags for kids with hook and loop closures.

Crafting Cozy: Homemade Duvet Cover

In this step-by-step video tutorial, I’ll show you how to make your own cozy DIY duvet cover. Perfect for adding a personal touch to your kiddo’s bedroom, this project features soft fabrics and a convenient button closure for easy washing. Customize your child’s space with a unique homemade duvet cover that keeps them snug as a bug all night! Sweet dreams!

A cozy duvet cover with a minky backing.

What can I make with a sewing machine for kids?

Ready to introduce your little ones to the world of sewing machines? These projects are perfect for budding young creators to explore the joys of stitching with the help of a trusty machine. From simple pouches to sparkly pillowcases, these projects offer a fantastic opportunity for kids to learn new skills and showcase their creativity!

Sparkle and Sew: Mermaid Sequin Pillow

Your kiddos will LOVE this mermaid sequin pillow! This heart-shaped DIY project is super easy and perfect for adding a pop of color to any space. My daughters are absolutely hooked on ‘flip sequins’ or ‘mermaid sequins’ – they love how the colors change with a quick swipe! Join us in making these adorable pillows and let’s add some sparkle to our rooms together!

Kids bed with a heart shaped pillow made with flip sequins fabric.

Quilted Dreams: Patchwork Duvet Cover

This one is near and dear to my heart. I made this patchwork duvet cover for my daughter’s room when we built our home, and it’s been a cherished addition ever since. This DIY project not only infuses some fun into your child’s space but also encourages creativity as kids can select their favourite fabrics and patterns for the patches. Let’s create lasting memories and a cozy, personalized space for your child to enjoy!

A child is lying under a patchwork quilt.

Chic and Simple: Zippered & Lined Pouch

Learn how to make a stylish zippered and lined pouch with this easy tutorial! Join me as I guide you through the steps – it’s a breeze to sew and makes a lovely gift. Fill it up with crafts, pencils, random pocket rocks or even some surprises – the possibilities are endless!

Learn how to sew a DIY zippered and lined pouch. It's an easy sewing project and makes a great gift!

Tiny Treasures: DIY Baby Projects

From snug sleep sacks to stitching stylish slippers, these projects are not only adorable but also offer opportunities for personalization and, of course, tons of creativity. Here are a few of my top picks for DIY sewing projects tailored specifically for our tiniest kiddos:

Snuggle Up: Custom Baby Sleep Sack

Is your little one in the sleep sack phase? Here, I’ll guide you through this simple and fun project to sew your own baby sleep sack using my free PDF pattern and tutorial. Customize the fabric weight and colors to create a cozy and personalized sack for your precious bundle of joy. Plus, they make wonderful baby shower gifts for expecting moms! 

Simple and cute baby sleep sack tutorial with a free pattern.

Crafting Cute: Faux Leather Baby Slippers with Cricut

Discover how to create stylish faux leather baby slippers using the Cricut Maker featuring a cute flower detail. In this post, I’ll guide you through the sewing process and show you how to efficiently cut all the necessary pieces with ease. Perfect for adding a touch of charm to your little one’s wardrobe! Let’s get creative!

Make DIY faux leather baby slippers with the Cricut Maker.

Summer Sunshine: Grow-With-Me Bubble Dress

This dress brings back all the feels! It was once a staple in my baby clothing line, with an adorable bubble hem and adjustable shoulder straps for a perfect fit as your child grows. In the spirit of summer joy, I’m sharing this precious pattern with you so you can create summer memories with your own little ones. Let’s spread some sunshine!

A child playing in a dress designed to grow with the child.

Sew Much Inspiration: More DIY Gems!

From adorable stuffed animals and playtime costumes to cozy pajamas and a dolly diaper bag, these kid-friendly projects will spark their creativity and keep them engaged for hours on end!

Dreamy DIY: Custom Pajama Sets for Kids with Sparkling Monogram Tops

Love looking cute for bedtime? Here’s my tutorial on sewing adorable pajama pants for kids, complete with a DIY glitter monogram top! With a free sewing pattern available from Craftsy, you can customize sizes from 6 months to 8 years, and even adapt for older kids with a few simple adjustments. Get cozy and creative with this fun sewing project for your little ones! 

How to sew pajama pants for kids - free pattern!

Shine Bright: Mermaid Sequin Drawstring Backpack

Whether you’re planning some summer adventures or need an everyday bag for school or activities, these DIY drawstring backpacks are a must-try. Using leftover mermaid sequin fabric and some simple quilting scraps, I whipped up these sparkly wonders for my kiddos. Now they’re all set for some serious style points wherever they go. Let’s add a little shimmer to your crafting adventures!

How to sew a DIY mermaid flip sequin drawstring backpack. Great beginner sewing project!

Magical Crafting: Unicorn Plush Pillow with Cricut

During my daughter’s bedroom makeover, we made the cutest little plushies in the world. These sparkly unicorns are absolutely adorable and one of my favourite things I’ve made for my little girls. And, I’m sharing the free tutorial and PDF sewing pattern with you! Made with some simple sewing materials and a Cricut Explore Air, this sweet plush unicorn pillow is a fun DIY that makes for a cute kid’s bedroom decoration or a unique homemade gift. Let’s get started!

DIY unicorn plush toy lying on a pillow.

Messy Fun Made Easy: Preschool Art Smock

Getting ready for school is bittersweet! When my second daughter entered preschool, we prepped for the new adventure by sewing up a storm, including the sweetest little art smock for class. It was so fun involving her in the process, letting her choose the fabric and seeing her excitement. And guess what? I’ve made the pattern available for you to try at home! Let’s keep those preschooler clothes clean during all those messy art sessions. Check it out! 

How to sew a preschool art smock: free pattern and tutorial!

Storytime Sanctuary: Play Tent for Little Readers

My little one was already showing a love for books at just two years old, so I created a cozy retreat for her with a homemade play tent. Watch as she falls in love with her new reading nook, the perfect cozy spot for reading and imaginative play! Check out how I crafted this adorable tent – trust me, it’s easier than you think! 

DIY teepee play tent in a toddler's room.

Sew Sweet: Deluxe Dolly Diaper Bag Set

Remember those cherished childhood memories of handmade doll accessories? In this post, I’m on a mission to recreate that magic for my little one. For her 4th birthday, I tackled a special sewing project: a deluxe dolly diaper bag set! Inspired by the love my mom poured into my childhood treasures, I crafted doll diapers, a cute bag, a wipes case, a change mat, and a bib for my daughter’s Baby Alive doll. Let’s sew up some new memories together!

Sew a deluxe dolly diaper bag with cloth diapers, wipes case, wipes, bib, and change mat.

Sparkle on Stage: Frozen-Inspired Dance Costume

This Frozen-inspired costume is as sweet as can be and perfect for your little dancer’s recital or playtime. In this post, I’m sharing how to create this simple yet stunning blue gown on a budget, using materials you may already have at home. LET IT GO and get sewing!

An easy DIY Frozen inspired dance costume complete with a bodysuit and tutu.

Let it Sew: Elsa-Inspired Frozen Dress

Keeping with my girls’ Frozen obsession, I surrendered to the snow princess craze and created an Elsa-inspired dress. These are beyond adorable, easy to slip on and off (a MUST for tiny humans), and they inspired hours of imaginative play. Check out the full tutorial, including a free pattern. (And don’t worry – I’ve got an Anna dress to share, too!)

Sew a DIY Elsa Snow Princess inspired dress for kids.

Dress to Impress: Ruffle Fabric Dress 

Crafting an adorable Valentine’s dress has never been easier! With this DIY project, you can whip up a sweet outfit in just a couple of hours using pre-ruffled fabric. Plus, the optional heart applique adds a sweet touch without adding extra time to the process. The stretchy, soft fabric ensures your little ones stay comfy while still looking absolutely adorable!

Sew an Easy Valentine Dress with Ruffle Fabric by The DIY Mommy

Summer Swagger: Stylish Chevron Dress

I merged my love for a good chevron pattern with my daughter’s obsession with dresses to create a simple, stylish dress for her summer wardrobe! With just one yard of fabric, I crafted this cute dress using every last inch. Whether you’re sewing for a baby or a toddler, this project is a breeze. It features tied shoulder straps, an elastic waist, and ruffle details on the hem. Perfect for picnics and playdates, this dress will be your little fashionista’s new favorite!

Sew a ruffled sundress with shoulder ties for kids.

Sweet and Simple: Ruffled Apron for Little Bakers

Bake Shoppe-themed birthday parties are a hit, especially for toddlers. When my “baby” turned 2, I dove into the fun with a DIY ruffled kid’s apron for her celebration. With its sweet ruffled details and adjustable ties, it’s perfect for little bakers aged 2-6. Plus, it’s a fantastic way to use up fabric scraps and spread some holiday cheer with homemade gifts! 

Sew a DIY Ruffled Kid's Apron

Sparkle and Fur: Winter Belle Cape

Step into a fairytale with this enchanting DIY project! Little C had her heart set on becoming Winter Belle for Halloween, complete with a sparkling gown and a furry cape. With princess preferences changing like the seasons, it’s all about embracing the magic of the moment. Let’s create a winter Belle cape that’s fit for a royal adventure!

A person in a red cloak sitting in the woods. Perfect for sewing projects for kids.

Springtime Sewing: Vintage-inspired Easter Dresses 

Sewing Easter dresses has been a cherished tradition in our family, passed down through generations. These frilly dresses are perfect for your holiday dinner and beyond, an outfit to wear all throughout spring. Join me as I reminisce and share some sewing inspiration for your spring projects!

Toddler size and baby size dresses are sewn with matching and complementary floral patterns.

Renew and Refresh: Plush Chair Cover

Transforming an old, worn-out plush kid’s chair into a cozy and stylish piece with a fresh cover is a rewarding DIY project. With some fabric of your choice and basic sewing skills, you can breathe new life into the chair, making it look brand new and adding a personal touch to your child’s space. This project allows you to customize the chair to match your child’s room decor or preferences, creating a comfortable and inviting spot for them to relax and play. Let’s get to it!

Sew a New Cover for a Kid's Plush Chair by The DIY Mommy

And there we have it, friends! 20+ of my favorite sewing hits! I hope you’re feeling inspired to get creative with (or without!) your kids and stitch some connections together. Whether you’re sewing for babies or kids or simply embracing your own inner child, there’s something magical about bringing handmade creations to life. Let’s continue to spark joy and make memories!

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